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Chris Gholson

Arizona's Central Goldfields

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With all the pictures of Australia floating around on the forum I thought it might be nice to see something a little closer to home. A few weeks back, Bob Dansie and I heard the call of the gold bug and couldn't resist. We loaded up the camper and high tailed it to one of my favorite goldfields; the Bradshaw Mountains. If you've never had the pleasure of detecting there, make sure you pay this range a visit before summer sets in. In my opinion, it is some of the most spectacular country in AZ. Towering peaks, winding bedrock filled gullies, colorful wildflowers and magestic saguaro cactus - absolutely gorgeous!


Unlike places like Rich Hill, it's not known for really large gold, but there has been thousands upon thousands of smaller sized nuggets picked up here over the years. The Bradshaw's are a fun, and almost always a rewarding place to hunt.


Here's a few pics from our trip (I am going to try and post 2 in a single message - hope it works!)



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Boy those hills sure look familiar! :P Those creeks in the picture have been nice to us over the years.


I remember a time when Chris, Steve and I were hunting that range and I found something out of the ordinary. While hunting a hot rock loaded creek, I got a great signal in the bank. After a few swipes it was really talking to me. After I finally found it, it was a pre-civil war button off of a jacket! That was one of my more memorable finds.


It's good to see that the old standby area is still producing! :D


Joe Kauffman

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