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I'd like some advice plz

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Hi Gettingthere

Welcome, this is a great site, I am in Australia, I was born in Bulawayo & left there in 1982, what is the situation like over there now ( I know you need to be careful). Tell us more about yourself & the type of gold deposits over there, I would love to hunt my homeland one day,



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Hi Gettingthere,


Hello and welcome to the forum! We don't have many members from Africa, so your posts will be a treat. We look forward to reading about your adventures in the goldfields down there, and hopefully seeing some nugget photos! :)


There are people here that have lots of expereince with the GP3500 and should be able to offer some tips. Was there anything in particular you had questions about? Also, there is a great instructional DVD available on the 3500. It was made by JP in Australia and is called, The Latest Update. It is 110 minutes long. We have NTSC copies in stock and can ship to you there. Here is a link with more info: GP Video

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