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Here are some pics of gold and other things we found in the Arizona this winter. The first pic is of a wash I found that had been worked by the old timers but not detected. I worked for 9 days and pulled out 54 nuggets for a total of over 1 3/4oz. The second one is from a wash I had worked some 6 years ago and in 2hrs I got 11 nuggets for a total of over 3/4oz, one nugget was a 1/2oz. The 3rd is from our friends claim and is just over 1/3oz. The 4th is from our fiends claim also and the 3 nuggets from left to right is a 5.43oz. a 17.6dwt and the last is a 9dwt. We found some kritters, and I did not eat the chuckawalla lizard, he came home with us. The weather was a little rough and it rained some. My wife got some pics of me diggin and findin gold. Hope you all enjoy and may it give you the urge to go get some gold. I am countin the days when I can get back and find more.

















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Digger ... That is what I call a successful vacation. Great pics, great gold and a few nature shots. Carol, my better half, loved the land turtle(tortoise).


Happy Easter,

Mike F

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nothin but beauty there Dave,....ill be headin to cali here in 3 weeks,...cant wait,...thanks for the peppin me up!

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Dave--what incredible finds--well done. Man, that must have been a party lining all of those nuggets up for the pictures.


All the best,



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