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Adventures In Prospecting: Ancient Tertiary Mining

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NEW EPISODE RELEASED at Prospecting Channel.com



Adventures In Prospecting: Ancient Tertiary Mining

(Internet Version)


A.I.P. 22


FREE to watch. Click Here:






FREE Internet Version Summary:



Watch in disbelief as large nuggets are being plucked from the crevices of bedrock in an ancient river bed near Liberty, WA.

Over 30 feet of overburden sealed them, untouched, virgin bedrock until now....

Production Panning Techniques with The Pyramid Pro Pan and Maverick Finishing Pan by "The Fossicker"



Extended DVD Version Summary:



Extended DVD shows every nugget being recovered from the ancient river, an additional prospecting adventure in Washington State,

Fossicker's final clean up, Wash Plant Operation and clean up, and a look at all the gold recovered this season from the old river!

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