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Hi All

I recently did a week long detecting trip with the Townsville Metal Detecting Club, we had a total of 24 members on the trip.

On the second day I took my mate Greg to a spot where I found a 4 g nugget last year the grass in this particular spot was over 1 metre high last year so I wasn’t able to work it well at all, this year the cattle had done their work & the grass was less than half a metre or better in spots, I showed Greg the exact spot I found the nugget which was at the bottom of a gentle slope ( Greg had only found 1 nugget @ .6 of a gram last year) I suggested to Greg that any where on this slope is worth a real good look, so I left him at it and I started to detect of in a Westerly direction, after about half an hour I heard Greg calling me so I made pretty quick time back to where he was, as I got to where he was he held out his hand & dropped 1 nugget of about 2 g & a specimen with about 1 g in it, into my hand congratulations said he showed me the spot’s they came from.

We worked out a plan to work this area, Greg would work the lower area where he picked up the nuggets I would work the higher sections, it wasn’t long & Greg had another target I said to him before you dig it let me test the signal with my detector so I did & got a better signal than what he got, I was using an SD2200d with a 20” NF mono coil & a Little Ripper wireless battery + booster, speaker combo, Greg uses an Extreme & a 14 x 9 “ NF mono, standard battery with a lucky lark speaker booster (the boost switch is not working).

We worked the spot for the rest of the day, Greg got 5 for the day & I got zip, the higher area on the slope the grass was more of a problem.

The plan for the following day was to go back to this spot & borrowed an 8” mono coil to see if there was anything smaller about, so I started in the area where Greg found the specci & moved up to the area where the first one came from, right next to one of his dig holes I got a signal & pulled out a .7 of a gram my first for the trip “Cool”, there seemed to be a definite line across the top of this little patch so I worked along this line and pulled out 3 more little nuggets 2 @ 1.5 g each, nothing was found above the line I mentioned.

Greg learnt a bit of a lesson when it comes to dig every sound when you are on gold, as he watched me check the area with the 8” mono I got a slight murmur I removed the grass & rechecked this signal now it was a definite dig me signal & out came a .7 of gram, Greg said he got a noise like that the day before and walked away from it as he thought it was ground noise, so he checked one of the area’s & pulled out a 2 g nugget, all up we got 10 nuggets/ Specimens, there will be more there for next time as the grass is still a little thick. We did not detect any more gold for the trip.

I carry a small gold pan in my backpack & did some sampling of gullies, I found good coarse rough gold in 2 out of 3 sampled we went back to the most impressive gully with my small recirculating sluice & got some good coarse gold, I hpe the photo’s work



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