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Become a Gold Pro-Spector GPX5000 DVD

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The new Minelab GPX5000 training DVD that Chris hosted for Minelab was released at the Dealer conference in Chicago.


I just got through watching all 95 minutes if it, and I must say it is a MUST HAVE if you own a GPX5000.


I, for one, being a Minelab dealer, will be making sure all my customers who have purchased a GPX5000 also invest in this video.


This DVD is very professionally produced, and Chris makes the GPX5000 extremely understandable with his step by step explanations of each of the settings, their functions, and how to best adjust them for variable conditions.


This is a no non-sense, straight forward instructional video. How to put it together, how to set it and how to use it. For those of you with a thorough understanding of the GPX5000 video, then this DVD will probably reinforce what you already know. But for new users and those who are still struggling with the settings or find themselves still using the factory presets, this DVD will give you the knowledge to launch yourself to advanced user status, fairly quickly.


This was a brilliant addition to training by Minelab and Chris did an outstanding job.



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Thank you for the wonderful testimonial, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the new video. We did our best to keep it short & sweet with the setting explanations and field demonstrations. I think it will be a good resource for prospectors, especially those that might be fairly new to the GPX Series machines. I really enjoyed our talks in Chicago and am looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming Gold Basin Outing. I might need you to bring me a box of those 15" X-Terra coils, they are selling like hot cakes!!! :)


I will be getting in touch with those people that were on the back order list this week. For those that are interested in getting a copy, please call me at 928-777-0267 or email: info@arizonaoutback.com. Minelab has yet to release an offical sell price, but I believe it will be around $30.


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Hi Chris,


I believe I should be on your list to contact, so I will be expecting that contact soon!


This is the part I like, just for starters... " keep it short & sweet with the setting explanations and field demonstrations."


Keep up the good work!


Gary Long/Boise

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Well Guys and Gals ... I had to pick up some items from Chris today and picked up a copy of the video as well. I just got done watching it from beginning to end. Now I have been using my GPX5000 for a little over a year now and thought I knew what all the settings were about. In short I was comfortable picking good set-ups for about any situation. I have to say now, that because of the settings demostrations Chris has in this video this old dog learned a couple new tricks. The investment was well worth it. And in a few days I will be able to try some of it out and hopefully find a little more gold ... for certain I will probably find more trash because of the higher sensitivity I will be able to attain ... that 5 gallon bucket for all my trash finds should fill up a lot faster! smile.gif

Seriously though if you are new to the GPX series of detectors I highly recommend the small investment (Chris told me it would be somewhere around 30 bucks. He couldn't quote me a firm price because I guess Minelab hasn't put a suggested list price on it yet) for this video. It will definitely shorten the learning curve on a very powerful machine. And for you guys who are a little longer in the tooth with the machine ... all I can say is that one or two small points on a couple settings will put more gold in the poke.

Great video Chris and well worth the wait for it to come out! Oh and the OMG its a nugget scene is priceless ... shows you still get excited finding a new nugget even after 15 or so years detecting! It's the FEVER man! You got the FEVER!


Mike F

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