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  2. Panning for Gold on the Yuba River Click Here to View We head to Mother Yuba in search of Gold and piece of mind !!!! My goal for the trip was to find a couple of spots where the Gold has gathered during high water. ( flood Gold ) A Nugget would be great a Picker would be Good but just being out on the River with the family as they Fish was the real payoff !!! Well that and the Ice Cream we got in Downieville SG 042
  3. That club has been dead for a long time. I was a member at one time. If it’s the one I’m thinking about it was called 24 K club. Chuck
  4. I checked Their website... and it is dead.... http://www.arizonagoldmoments.com so their Club must be history.... Like lots of sites long gone... still have old out of date links published on Youtube... This link http://www.arizonagoldmoments.com goes nowhere.... But, thanks for posting it though... Very Best of Regards, Gerard
  5. Has anyone heard of the Rich Hill Gold Hunters Club? Rob and Chris are pictured on the site. Membership is $300.00 per year and their mailing address is in Morristown. Their email is richhillgoldhunters@arizonagoldmoments.com . I stumbled upon this site while looking for youtube videos by Brian Wilder and Toby Walker.
  6. Finding Gold Nuggets with the Minelab SDC 2300 Click Here to View Can I beat @Two Toes with his own Metal Detector ? We head back to finish off a few spots we left from our last trip out. Gary found some good gravel so he decided to run it though his Sluice box while I was happy to use his Minelab SDC 2300 while he was busy sluicing !!!! Those targets that we left sure paid off !!! nothing like hearing a good sounding target sitting on bedrock . SG 041
  7. Glenn in Co. posted this on Steve H. Forum and I think it’s interest to all. Chuck
  8. Click here to view Moving Boulders to find more Gold Nuggets a Two Toe's Adventure We return to move a boulder that's been keeping me awake at night just thinking about what might be underneath it. This boulder is sitting on Bedrock just above the main flow of the river so it could be loaded with Gold !!!! I worked the crevice around it and pulled out a couple pickers and a lot of lead so lets see whats under that boulder. Detectors used Minelab SDC 2300 and the White's Gold Master V-Sat . SG 040 Thanks for watching
  9. It would be great to see a shade like that on the GPZ control head cover (the one Doc sells).... I actually removed the cover off my control head because between the plastic and sun glare it was just too hard to read... that shade would be great.
  10. Hey Doc, the new GPX covers look great! The shade cover is a cool addition. I have used your covers on both my GPZ 7000 and the CTX 3030, and they have been wonderful for keeping the outside of the unit scratch and nick free. Thanks for sharing the post & image; I will definitely be putting one on my new 6000!
  11. I read an article recently that Doc wrote that I noticed he has not shared here. I hope he does not mind me doing just that, it's a great write up and too good to not share. Doc, if you do not want it posted, just let me know and I'll delete. Jen GPZ7000 or GPX6000? By Doc of Doc’s Detecting © 2021 G.M. “Doc” Lousignont, Ph.D. I have used both the GPZ7000 and the GPX6000. I have been a Minelab dealer in the U.S. for 29 years. I will try to help you make an informed decision. First I have to try to explain the technologies involved. The 7000 is the top dog, hand
  12. You get these covers through mock up and into production so fast that I'm starting to think that Minelab gets their new detector design criteria and mock up ideas from you and your cases, not the other way around. Jen
  13. Selling my like new full mod 4500 this machine has set unused since I bought it from Gary Guinotte at Western Gold Seekers in 2017. Peter Woodland (AKA Woody)did the full Mod on it 2 months after I bought it. I have had this machine out 3 times one hour each or there about. I bought this machine and Mod to hunt for CW Relics in VA,WV,MD. not gold hunt where it should shine. I paid 2000.00 for detector and 1600.00 for modification Woodys full mod now is 2200.00. Asking 1700.00 shipped box in a box tracked and insured to your door. Woody guarantees the mods for 5 years transferable so there shou
  14. So you are waiting patiently for your new GPX6000 machine to be released into your sweaty little hands. $6000 for this amazing little piece of technology and you're just going to let it lay around in the dirt? No! Of course not! You're going to pre-order one of Doc's Nugget Stalker® Brand covers. $129.95. 4 pieces counting the removable shade cover. The entire cover package only weighs 8.5 ounces. Just like the GPX6000 these covers will be in short supply initially, so don't delay, be the first to get in line. (I will probably bring in 200 by air to get the ball rolling but the bulk
  15. Crevice Detecting for Gold Nuggets Click Here for Video Metal detecting bedrock crevices for Gold Nuggets with two Minelab's SDC 2300 and a White's Gold Master V-Sat. What's better than Finding Gold ? watching and helping your friends find Gold !!!!!! Watch as the lead and Gold pop out of the crevices along the creek. Introducing Hugo the Snow Yeti !!!!! SG 039
  16. Hillside Detecting for Placer Gold Nuggets Click to view video Armed with a Minelab SDC 2300 and a White's Gold Master V-Sat Jeff and Gary (Two Toe's) try some Hillside detecting for Placer Gold Nuggets. High bench gold in the morning and River deposited gold in the afternoon . We moved a lot of rocks and brush looking for those elusive Nuggets and didnt go home empty handed !!! Our Hawaiian buddy Tim ( Blue Lead Gold Productions ) likes to send me pictures and video of what we are missing on the island during the winter months so I've included a few clips fro
  17. Finding Placer Gold with a Metal Detector and a Breaker Bar Click Here for Video Armed with a Breaker Bar and a Minelab SDC 2300, a White's Gold Master V-Sat Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) head back to the Gravel Bar to finish up the search for Placer Gold Nuggets !!!!! Jeff brings the Big Breaker Bar and it boulder moving time on the creek while Gary searchs the high and Low bench for those elusive Nuggets. See what the guys find with there Metal detectors while working the Bedrock crevices both High and low !!!!! SG 037 Thanks for watching !!!
  18. Moving Boulders to find Placer Gold Click Here to watch video Moving Boulders to reach Bedrock Crevices to locate those Placer Gold Nuggets that are hiding just out of sight. Jeff and Gary ( Two Toes ) use a Come-along and a Breaker bar to move the boulders then check the bedrock crevices with a Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector. A Come-Along is a hand operated winch used to pull objects in this case Boulders !! SG 036 Thanks for watching ...
  19. Click here to watch video Armed with a Minelab SDC 2300 and a White's Gold Master V-Sat Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) head back to a spot they worked in the spring in search of Gold Nuggets !!!!! Jeff brings the Big Breaker Bar and it boulder moving time on the creek while Gary searchs the high bench for those elusive Nuggets. See what the guys find with there Metal detectors while working the Bedrock both High and low !!!!! SG 035 Thanks for watching
  20. If anyone is looking for aftermarket shafts for running the Commie coils on your Zed, here is a link. Everything is included , like wing nuts and threaded nut thingy and washers. They look identical but without the ML logo, and the ridiculous Minelab stamp tax.. you can't beat $19.00. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000608425797.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.25794c4dFgrzVE&fbclid=IwAR1YO26x7s-D78tMQufcJKdiXKpqD1rhPwqlZ51QPchi0Syi0gK5VZ7s7UU Jen
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