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  2. Sierra County, CA Gold Ore: Milled up at Tomas Zubicek Mill in Humbug Mining District of Northern California.


    I drove the Samples to The Mill - location In the heart of the Humbug Mining District in Northern California. Filming, Tomas Zubicek's Consolidated Mining and Mill Operation..

  3. Small Scale Mining Classification & Gravity Separation with Tomas Zubicek

    On location In the heart of the Humbug Mining District in Northern California. Filming, Tomas Zubicek's Consolidated Mining and Mill Operation..

  4. How we found LARGER gold nuggets !!!!

    Wie wir grössere Goldnuggets gefunden haben

    Schwendi is a friend... Who lives in Switzerland, where he first started finding gold... and today he continues his travels globally to exercise his natural born talents in prospecting and finding more gold... Schwendi is also,  is a really nice guy and an his videos are masterpieces as he also is an Incredible Cinematographer & wonderful story teller...  

    I Hope you enjoy his shared knowledge, adventures and talents and Also Subscribe to his videos! 



    Discover with Schwendi



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  6. Possibly off an old battery post > "Very High Technology from the 1850's"... from a telegraph or other old Edison battery powered device? It is most likely made from brass or copper.
  7. Good morning. No nuggets yesterday but the skunk brought me some lead, a boot tack and a cool little threaded knob. It was down about a foot and sure sounded like gold. It’s not ferris metal and I haven’t given it the scratch test yet. I don’t have a clue what it might be from. Anyone have an idea? Thanks Dick Ward
  8. Looking for a large mono coil for my GPX 5000. Would consider 22" up to 30. Tell me what you have an lets make a deal. Cheers
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  10. Yes, I will be teaching classes this winter season on the new GPX6000, along with any of the other Minelab machines. The classes for this month are about full, but I will have more from November through March. I will try to post some additional dates this week.
  11. Looks like Coiltek will be making after market coils for the 6000! Hopefully, the shut down in Australia won't slow them down too bad. I would love to see a smallish ( 14x9 or so) elliptical.... which is my favorite sized Evo coil on the 4500. Perhaps NF will join in as well. Dean
  12. I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery! With the weather cooling off, it's almost time to get after it!!
  13. Thanks Dean, yea I didn't have much choice, I am getting arm surgery for a work related item so it was this or stay out of the gold fields and we both know that never works.. LOL
  14. Congratulations on your purchase, Jen! You are gonna love this machine. I've only been out twice with mine so far and I am blown away by the thing. Happy hunting! Dean
  15. Doc's cover for the 6000 is, in my opinion, absolutely essential for protecting your valuable machine. The quality is top notch and the fit and finish outstanding. I've had the 6000 for a couple of weeks now and put Doc's cover on the moment that I unboxed my machine. I've been on two outings with the 6000 thus far (both successful) and feel that my investment is well protected. Many thanks to Chris and Doc for setting me up with the best gear available! Dean
  16. Yea I'm in Gold Basin, we don't have that next day Amazon service.. .LOL... Plus I'm sinking a well this weekend so I can fire up the trommel so won't be testing it for a few days.
  17. I just purchased this item as well to see how it works connected to the GPX-5000, GPX-7000 and the Steelphase SP-01. It would be awesome if this allowed these headphones/shoulder speaker to work across our full collection of detectors. I'll let you all know how it works re latency etc. https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Transmitter-Receiver-Wireless-Audio/dp/B09CYD2D99/ref=sr_1_4?crid=14YPSQPZXXZ37&dchild=1&keywords=aptx+hd+transmitter&qid=1631822172&s=electronics&sprefix=aptX+HD+tran%2Celectronics%2C235&sr=1-4
  18. Well it's time to show what's behind the curtain... and I LOVE it...... Most of you recall from my long ago days (2009/2010) that I come from BC, we don't wear headphones in BC, lest you get a bear or grizzly tap on your shoulder. For 10+ years I've NEVER felt comfortable in headphones, now moving to Arizona, I don't wear them for fear of stepping on a rattler or the ongoing discomfort from the heat and sweaty ears. I know full well I've missed gold, walked away from subtle targets as the area I detect can be dead calm one second and windy the next.. so if using a speaker, more than
  19. Ok kids... boy do I have a treat for you... I just got back from a trip to Doc's secret lab in Las Vegas.... while I was there I picked up a special little item... it's charging at the moment... but I'll have a little write up in the next few days, once I pair it with the GPX 6000 and have a chance to use it... oh boys n goyles... I think you're gonna like this little gem...... stay tuned... this is a game changer for those of us who hate typical headphones. Jen
  20. It shows!!!!!!!!! My pleasure Doc..... call me a snob, but I appreciate quality workmanship!!!! Hey, I swing Minelab's don't I?
  21. I sort of love what I do. I spent over $5000 just in prototyping. Each time you make an adjustment or refinement the component pieces have to be re cut and resewn. Then they send it to you DHL, $197. Then you make more corrections and send it back, another $197. But it's all good. I take a great deal of pride in taking something from a concept to a finished product. I think we had over 12 prototypes until I gave my stamp of approval. Anyone can make a ill-fitting sock puppet charge $80 and call it a metal detector cover. I won't do that. My covers are for discriminating buyers w
  22. Hi all... thanks for reading my post, I wanted to share my thoughts on something that I just purchased from Doc if you haven't seen them already.... You all know I've been flying 2300's, 4500's, 5000,'s and a 7000 that you all heard me complain about as it pulled out ounces for me... well I bit the bullet, mainly due to needed arm surgery and weight issues and picked up a GPX 6000... and of course the obligatory Doc's cover for it (Hey Minelab, we know you want to, just buy him off and include them already, we all know that no one else makes a cover worthy of your name on it). :)... so th
  23. I've seen some quick shipping in my day but Doc (https://docsdetecting.com/) defied the laws of physics yesterday.... WOW.... I called him yesterday around lunch time, confirmed he had stock on a GPX 6000, 17" elliptical coil, and his cover set, he had stock..... gave him my credit card number and within minutes he sent me a text that he was on the way to the post office, it arrived at my mail box in Gold Basin around noon today..... I'm absolutely blown away how fast Doc shipped this, thank you Doc, and thank you for the numerous calls we had where you shared your guidance regarding where it
  24. Hey gang all backorders are filled. Chris should have his stock in a couple of days This was just a fraction of the production run. But I had enough shipped by air because I know so many people have been waiting. The balance are coming by boat. Here's the instructions for those of you that want an understanding of the meticulous attention to detail that went into this cover. Special thanks goes to the President of Minelab, Peter Charlesworth, who assisted me along the way with advise, suggestions and gave a thumbs up on the unique blue camo material. By the way the weight for
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