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  1. Hi Matt! The Freedom system consists of the deteknix wireless headphones and the lightweight drone RC battery and charging system. I got it from Chris Gholson last year. Last I heard he was having a hard time getting some components to this system. I don't know, you would have to check with him but it works great! Super light weight. Only complaint, I wish it had an audio boost. Anyhow, cheers!
  2. Sorry, it's been a while since I posted. But it was a long winter and not much better spring. But I finally got out Sunday, April 7th. The day was quite windy and was having a hard time hearing targets through my deteknix wireless headphones. I was able to snag 3 small ones but decided to go back to the truck and get the black widows and the audio booster. Cords everywhere. I can't believe this is the set up I used for years. Wireless really has me spoiled. I picked up 2 more nuggets with the largest 2 1/2 grams. Posted is a picture of my detector with the freedom system and the detec
  3. Hi Chris! Enoch - 2 pounds of carbide. Maybe you can spare a little so i can fire up a couple of carbide lamps I found. Here is a picture of one of the lamps I found and a couple others you might not have seen before. I believe the small lamp ran on coal oil and the other I found out was a candle holder they could hang or shove into a crack. Cool finds. Maybe you or some of the other members could post some of there mine finds. Cheers!
  4. Chris mentioned this system to me when I was talking with him on the phone, I would call him directly .
  5. I finally got out yesterday after a month or 2 absence working as a fly fishing guide and building a new house this summer certainly cuts into s guy's detecting time. This is my second trip out with Arizona Outback Freedom System and other than two little quirks I have to give it 2 thumbs up. If you are not familiar with Chris's Freedom System it is a very small light weight battery and charger and a deteknit wireless head phone and after using it I have to say I will never go back to coils again. I found 5 nuggets in a few hours all but the largest were very deep signals just a faint break
  6. I lived in Phoenix for four years, little hot for me .
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