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    Work is only a diversion of time after I get bored with detecting for gold nuggets, hunting whitetails, fishing fresh and salt water, tying flies, biking, hiking, kayaking, orienteering, ice fishing, treasure hunting with my detector, beach hunting with my detector!
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  1. Hey Chris I imported a couple 4' Gopher(aka Bull) Snakes about 4-5 years ago . 2 years ago I found a skin in the yard that was a little over 5'. I haven't seen a rattlesnake of any type in my yard the last 3 years. The first year I moved here in 2011 ... that summer alone I saw 14 rattlesnakes. I'm sure some were the same snake but haven't seen any in the last three years so having my 'pet' Gopher Snakes' in the yard with their off spring I am sure has wiped the buzz tails off my 10 acres. Maybe the Bull is a relative of my snakes since you are only about a 1/3 of a mile across the field from
  2. Great place for a vacation with the ex-wife!!! Long time no see Dick!
  3. One week after the storm of storms at least for this part of AZ my snow is all gone. My driveway is a mess but it will dry in next couple days. And then we are supposed to have a few showers over the weekend. If they don't become down pours all will be back to normal soon!
  4. I just don't see much activity on the gold market in general. Even with the equities markets tanking the last couple weeks the escape into gold for protection and preservation has not been like it used to be. I see it staying between a trading range of a high of 1300 and a low of 1100 ... pretty wide gap percentage wise but I certainly can not find any reason for it to revisit the highs of years ago.
  5. Not so sure the weather he is getting is all that cool. We have a heat wave going on here in New England that is extended into Eastern Canada. Hot and very humid last few days and expected to be so for next few as well. We should have a little relief on Saturday and then back up in temp/humidity next week.
  6. Forum looks good Chris ... I haven't been on for a couple weeks while in TN at my National bass fishing Championship. No issues logging on.
  7. You and Eric have been busy! Nice haul for the season. See ya next year!
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