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  1. Hey Chris, Nice video, keep them coming. The Arizona desert is beautiful right now with all the Green grass. Nice nuggets also! Rob Allison
  2. Hey Chris, The 17x13's EVO's are selling well. However, for the other part of the post, ZZZZzzzzz ?
  3. Hey Chris, Glad you're back up and running. I started popping a high dose of Vitamin C along with Zinc and some other stuff to try to eliminate catching it this season. Dawn mentioned the hospitals right now are full of sick people with Flu like symptoms.
  4. Hey Chris and Dean, Sure wish I could have joined both of you. Just so much going on on my end right now. Congrats on getting out and getting some gold. Rob Allison
  5. Hey Chris, Just a FYI, many of the martian and Lunar meteorites are not magnetic at all. They are extremely rare, but seen a handful of them at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show and they have no attraction to a meteorite. Majority of all the meteorites found do have some attraction to even a cheap meteorite, but not all. We can always hope you found a Martian or Lunar!
  6. Hey Chris, The new Evolution coils are selling great and I can see why. I haven't had a customer yet that has been skunked with a new EVO coil on a GPX series detector on an old patch. I'm thinking the new 14x9 will be one of my favorites for prospecting, but the new 15-inch solid or open will be great for old patches and new open areas where you can cover a lot of ground quickly. Always great to see technology advancements with coils and detectors. Rob Allison
  7. Hey Dean, Nice nugget. Great meeting you in person recently. Wishing you luck when you return. Rob Allison
  8. Hey Guys, Steve H. - Ya, you have me on the GPZ gold. I've been very limited on time, averaging maybe one day a week to search with the GPZ. That being said, I'm hunting mostly heavily pounded patches that don't have a whole lot of depth. Many of them are washes and small ravines, beat to crap before. However, I'm impressed finding what I have so far in these locations with the GPZ. To pay for a $10,000 just on beat down patches is enough to keep me happy. My overall investment is paid for, now it's play time this Winter on new ground hopefully with more depth. Chris & Ga
  9. Hey Az-Maverick (Gary), Well I haven't found any huge nuggets, but then again I'm not hunting ground (yet) that has the depth to warrant, big deep gold. Most of my spots have been places I have pounded hard with many generations of PI detectors. I have nearly paid for my GPZ 7000 just on old spots, but this season will be the real tale on what happens. If I found nearly $10,000 in my old spots, hit much hard then yours, I'm 100% confident I will find gold behind you. The GP3000 is a great detector, but nothing like a GPZ 7000 my friend. If you serious, since this is Chris's forum, we b
  10. Hey Chris, Great to have you out. We need to do it more often. Lets do something soon with the new Minelab GPZ 7000's! I agree, crazy times with this new unit right around the corner, guys wanting to kick down doors to get the first ones. I think we might see some very nice finds within the next couple of months from the new GPZ's.
  11. Hey Uncle Ron, Great pictures. I believe I know all about the top nugget , but will let Chris tell the story on both pictures (which I don't believe have any rreferenceto each other).
  12. Hey Kyle, I heard McDonalds Coffee is great, I've missed gears shifting and wish you much success metal detecting for gold. You're probably under a different name, but I'm not concerned about it. I think any forum admin would just ask you stick to opinions, not so much bashing of products (regardless of what they are).
  13. Hey Guys, Well he's off my forum and now here. Hopefully Chris will have fun with him. Hi, my name is Kyle, I can only wish I could find a nugget. Even with all the help on the forums, I can't figure out the detector control box from the searchcoil ...... Where is that DVD again, shit, missed a damn gear, crap there was the McDonalds!!!
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