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  1. Dave - I sent you a message, let me know if you receive it.
  2. I haven't heard the full story but found this article pretty interesting. They're now comparing it to the Bundy Ranch standoff. http://www.infowars.com/bundy-ranch-type-standoff-brewing-in-southern-oregon-between-miners-and-blm/
  3. Joe Kauffman

    Best detecting boots?

    +1 on the Converse boots. Don't know anything about the website or company, but these are the same ones I've been using for years. I like the high top for extra ankle support in the hills. http://workingperson.com/converse-boots-men-s-composite-toe-no-metal-tactical-boots-c9894.html
  4. Ron, Let's hope it's not, there have not been any reported sightings that far from the transplant area. In the last couple of weeks, there was a cross breed sighted towards Flagstaff; I believe they are trying to determine now if it was a cross with one of the reintroduced wolves or not. I have seen wolves in the wild and if you know coyotes well, there is no comparison. I'm sure you've seen your share of coyotes out your way so there won't be any question if you do. They are substantially larger, more block shaped nose and a more square face. Mature adults are around 30" tall and can be 5 - 5 1/2 feet long. I have seen some really interesting colored coyotes including some almost black, if you see your new buddy again try to snap a photo, I'd love to see it.
  5. Nice shootin' Lunk! Glad to see you're having a great start to your seasonal trips. Look forward to hearing about your travels.
  6. One of my primary frustrations is that they have let access, unnecessary roads and vehicular traffic get way out of hand to begin with. Unfortunately now they most likely will swing too far the other way and eliminate more than they should. I, for one, am all for closing a lot of the trails and roads that people have taken upon themselves to create. From a prospecting perspective it will make it more difficult to get to your location with all the gear you are used to bringing and from a hunting perspective it will weed out a lot of the road hunters and bring hunting back to what it should be. Completely different location entirely, but in the high country of Az I used to hike 5-6 miles a day chasing elk or mulies, now there are few places you can hike that far without crossing a road or trail with a quad parked on it. Access is needed but the trails and weekend warrior roads that have sprouted up is a bit out of control in my opinion.
  7. Thanks for your patience guys. Dennis, you can still use Chrome and search with Bing, Yahoo or any other. Just go to www.bing.com and do your search. You can also install the Bing search toolbar inside of Chrome too if you prefer that option. Hopefully they will have the IE11 issue resolved soo.
  8. Adam, yes it is an issue within IE 11 which had an update pushed out in the past couple of weeks. From what it sounds like, most of the people having issues received that update.
  9. Gary - Internet Explorer 11 is the main browser that is having issues. We are hosted through Invision Power and I have discussed this with them, they have been working in conjunction with Microsoft to correct the issue and hope to have it resolved soon. I am using Chrome and do not have any issues, I would suggest switching to Chrome or Firefox to clear up the problem until then.
  10. One last question, what browser are you all using? If it's Internet Explorer, what version? To find out just click on Help and look in About Internet Explorer. If it is Internet Explorer 11, there is a known bug that IE is working on a fix for.
  11. Thanks guys, is it just when you are posting new topics or when you are posting replies as well? I can't seem to replicate the issue on my end.
  12. Guys, We located and fixed the issue a few minutes ago. Let us know if you continue to have any issues posting. Thanks.
  13. Joe Kauffman

    Google Earth

    Mine's good. Do you have any topo overlays or anything else that pulls from another data source? I've seen the red x's on certain areas when the topo server I use is down.
  14. Very cool pics Ray! A little tough to tell that young but that's a Prarie Rattler judging by the lack of banding on the tail and the prominent black bar on the side of his face. I've only seen a few of those in Az, mainly while antelope hunting in the northern areas.