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  1. So you are waiting patiently for your new GPX6000 machine to be released into your sweaty little hands. $6000 for this amazing little piece of technology and you're just going to let it lay around in the dirt? No! Of course not! You're going to pre-order one of Doc's Nugget Stalker® Brand covers. $129.95. 4 pieces counting the removable shade cover. The entire cover package only weighs 8.5 ounces. Just like the GPX6000 these covers will be in short supply initially, so don't delay, be the first to get in line. (I will probably bring in 200 by air to get the ball rolling but the bulk
  2. It's a made up name which is a mash up of the words Quick, Bungee and Double (double adjustment point). It describes another innovative product from Doc that makes detecting more enjoyable and helps save your arm, shoulder neck and back from undue stress. Just add your own backpack or Hydration pack. This amazing Bungee Support System provides absolutely instantaneous adjustment so your detector is always at the proper height off the ground, even when you are in mid-swing. We use super strong Marine Grade bungee that is stronger than 3/8ths inch bungee that is commonly used for tie-dow
  3. This is a demonstration of the Gold SPOT™ being used as a portable gold pan. It's extremely effective. Don't worry about the first few minutes where I am out of frame. Leo Aranza, my buddy, takes over and the rest of the video is well framed. -Doc
  4. Some posters on other forums rightly questioned whether the Gold SPOT™ Treasure Scoop was really any better than a regular treasure scoop. Well, I already knew the answer to that question. You see for a year I have been working on the Gold SPOT™ design. I played with it I re-designed it, I proto-typed it 5 times. I wanted a design that would speed up nugget recovery and make it easier to keep the nugget in the scoop and not lose it. Remember, I'm the guy who had a catastrophic failure with the SAGA swing arm, and within days of release, I recalled them all from the field. They just
  5. If you think the SAGA™ is just a Swing Arm, it's not. It's a steering wheel for your detector. Start at the 3-minute mark on the video, and watch what the unique design of the SAGA can make your detector do. If you know of any device on the market that gives you this kind of control please let me know, because I know of nothing that even comes close. If what you see intrigues you then watch the entire video. You're going to find that the SAGA will make detecting much easier and less stressful on your body and give you control over your detector you have never had before. Call Chris now
  6. Wow Chris it looks great! I see you need one of my SD/GP/GPX arm cuff covers. I'll get one in the mail to you! Doc
  7. Chris there are two ways to install the base of the pivot joint and the rod storage clip onto your detector. It depends on how large the rod is, and if it is a weird shape, like the SDC2300. The rod storage clip is usually mounted up by the control box and with some detectors like the GPZ7000, that area can really be strangely shaped. You will notice that there are 2 double sided 3M foam sticky tape pieces included. Keep those handy but wait until you are confident you have the pivot joint and clip positioned where you want them. OK, so for a regular rod, like the lower fiberglass rod
  8. I'm not going to bore you with the details of the first attempt. Valuable exercise because the New SAGA™ really is exceptional, if I don't say so myself. If you currently use a Swing Arm, you will throw it away when you use this one. • No more breakage at the pivot point where Swing Arms attach to the detector. The SAGA™ is designed with a pivot point that allows for the typical movement that allows you to swing the arm out and away from the detector, but it also is designed with a rotating Pivot Joint that allows for up and down movement of the arm. This eliminates breakage, but it also
  9. Ready for delivery now. The Gold SPOT™ is here, ready to make nugget recovery a breeze. Call Chris and get your orders in so he knows how many he will need. The new Gold SPOT™ Treasure Scoop portable gold pan. This unique tool is designed to increase your recovery speed of detected nuggets. The recessed bowl of the scoop channels heavy gold into the bottom of the scoop (the Gold SPOT) when you give the scoop a little shake and agitation. When you start dumping dirt into your hand to isolate the nugget, the trough of the recessed bowl channels any gold up towards the riffles. The rif
  10. Gang the first production prototypes of the SAGA V2 Swing Assist Guide Arms are here. See what improvements have been made. Comments welcome. Thank you to the people that gave me feedback on the first version which as we all know was a crash and burn. -Doc https://youtu.be/T8NZXBcIKYc
  11. So here's the latest SAGA news. As someone mentioned, maybe SAGA was not a good name as the development of this product has become something of a SAGA. The initial test run of 50, we took some and put them into the field. MONUMENTAL FAIL. These things were falling apart faster than you could swing your detector. To say they were under-engineered was putting it lightly. I had the basic concept of how this should be designed, but ultimately I depend on my fabricators to use the right material and finally design the product to withstand the rigors of metal detecting. Literally the only thing that
  12. Hey Gang, Well, back to the drawing board. The first samples of Swing Arms we got into the field have failed miserably. Thanks to all of you who have put up with the frustration of being guinea pigs. If you have had one that failed, return to the dealer and he will refund your money, until the revised version is available. If you have one that has not failed, use it until it does, so you can give us feedback on what happened. Pictures are very helpful. So some of the things that have been identified are. 1. The strap, which I requested be made with some kind of UV rubber with
  13. Hey Gang, Listen I made a bit of a mistake it calculating the price on the new SAGA Swing Assist Guide Arm. Originally I was hoping these could retail for a minimum of $44.95, and I'm going to honor that price on all orders placed through Chris until January 10, 2020. However after getting the shipping charges and the import clearance fees, the import duty and tariffs, and I forgot to add in the fiberglass rods, after January 10 the price will go up to $49.95. Which is still less expensive than other competitors Swing Arms, and this arm far surpasses anything currently on the market in d
  14. An Aussie Prospector's Christmas Poem © 2002 G.M. "DOC" Louignont, Ph.D. 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all o’er the land. Not a creature was stirring, not even one bloke with detector in hand; The Roo Scrotums wereall hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that a gold nugget from St. Nick would soon be in there; The ol’ prospector’s in OZ were nestled all snug in their swags, The same for prospector’s in the U.S. but there they call them sleeping bags; Mamma was still at home and I was still out bush, Down Under I wanted to be home for Christmas but I w
  15. Another exciting IMPROVED INNOVATION from Doc. "SAGA™" $44.95 Contact Chris,
  16. So what about a recovery scoop and a pocket gold pan in one? I promised you that I would be giving you another surprise this week. I have always loved using a recovery scoop, but it sort of aggravated me that little pieces of gold would sometimes sneak out of the scoop when I was trying to sift dirt into my hand. This aggravation has been even more exacerbated by the introduction of machines like the Gold Monster that find such dinky pieces of gold that they can surf right on top of the dirt and be easily lost. I have always advocated that when you get the target into your scoop try t
  17. WOW! You must have been exceptionally good for Christmas because Santa really likes you. I have been busy working with Santa to produce some new toys and accessories. One of those accessories is a kick butt arm cuff cover for the SD/GP/GPX line of machines. We have never had a truly comfortable or functional arm cuff cover for these machines. The North Pole just finished a production run of thousands of Doc's NEW Nugget Stalker™ SD/GP/GPX arm cuff covers. They are being loaded on Santa's sleigh as we speak. However I bribed an elf to send me a small quantity of them by DHL. They li
  18. By the Way, This pick is also available with a nice size 1 inch by 3/8th inch round super magnet for an additional $10. It is mounted to the top of the blade right over where the handle would enter the collar. It is one of the magnets that has the counter sunk hole and is attached with a metal screw into the head. Doc
  19. In case you're wondering why the front of the picks has tape on it, it's because it is SHARP. Sharp enough to chop right through a stubborn bush so you can get your coil over that nugget. The edges of the blade are bent in to facilitate quick removal of dirt from the hole. The handle is made of premium ASH hard wood. It's a solid tool! Doc
  20. Fred you are an experienced prospector. I am sure you sort of do what I do. You adjust your speed according to conditions. When you are in conditions and ground that your experience tells you might be rich, you slow down. If I am on the very top of a ridge, you will not see me moving slowly, because I have rarely found a nugget on the very top of a ridge. But if I am in a quartz strewn gully I slow down and work the base of the bushes lining the gully hard. But when it is someone new to the hobby, they have to go slow. They have to learn where nuggets can be found. You can't tell them, "Ad
  21. Got to the gold fields Wednesday January 13, 2014 around 6:30 am. Brisk! Went to the place I took my customer December 31 when we got on 8 specimens and no trash. I was sure there had to be one or two I have missed. Worked it for three hours, and no love at all, decided to try another place. I had a customer I had sold a GPZ7000 to a while back I had trained this person the better part of the day, walking along side and listening to what they were hearing through the speaker. They were digging trash and bullets with no problems so we went looking for something that looked fresh. I
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