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  1. Good going. If I could get out detecting more often I might be able to justify a 7000. I’ll be down there this spring, hmmmm.
  2. Does this price increase include the units already held in inventory by dealers. I’m kicking around the idea of getting monster.
  3. Nice little nugget Chris. Still to wet and soggy here to get and do any detecting.
  4. Congrats. Great looking weather. Need a canoe up here in northern Ca still.
  5. Only got about 10 inches the past week at my place at the 3000ft elevation in the Northern Sierras. Almost all gone with rain the last two days.
  6. I now have 2 coils that I never use so it’s time to sell them. One is a Coiltek 14 inch DD pro elite. This coil sells new at $397.50. I am selling it for $225.00 Second coil is a Coiltek 12x24 elliptical mono. I’m selling it for $175.00. SOLD? Third coil is a Minelab 8 inch mono. I’m selling it for 80.00. I will cover shipping to the lower 48.
  7. George I’ve been busy as can be but finally got to the post office. Flat rate for this package to anywhere in Canada is 62.35 and flat rate to anywhere in the US is 18.90. How about I cover $20 of the shipping and you pay for $42.35 of the shipping? That would put the total for you with the coil and shipping at $202.35. I have a PayPal account that you can make payment to. It’s whauhunter@att.net. If you want to do that let me know and if you would check the box that says payment to friend or family, that’s so they don’t charge me their ten percent or whatever it is.
  8. George I’ll figure out how much it costs to mail it to your address and how much to send it to something close by in Washington state and split the difference and get back to you with a total. How’s that sound? Wes.
  9. Clay We originally filed the claim last year, not sure if it was signed into law yet. Nevada County allows you to use an exemption that you write on the filing form. I forget the exact wording. I had a claim in Nevada County back in the mid 90’s and they charged property taxes back then but not this time.
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