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  1. Hey Doc, the new GPX covers look great! The shade cover is a cool addition. I have used your covers on both my GPZ 7000 and the CTX 3030, and they have been wonderful for keeping the outside of the unit scratch and nick free. Thanks for sharing the post & image; I will definitely be putting one on my new 6000!
  2. Even though it’s not gold, I thought you all might enjoy seeing this cool relic I detected the other day. The way it screamed on the GPZ had me convinced it was a big nugget. Unfortunately it wasn’t a multi-ouncer, but luckily it wasn’t trash either. I took a minute for me to realize what I was looking at, but best I can tell it is an old jeweler’s loupe, or a magnifying glass. The leather is all curled up, but the glass lenses inside are intact and have a beautiful patina on them. As for a date, maybe 1920’s??? What do you guys think? Showing before and after cleaning.
  3. A friend and customer that lives here in central AZ stopped by the other day to pick up some gear and show off what he has found recently with his GPZ 7000. The area he detects is not known for many large nuggets, but it has produced hundreds of little pieces. Many of the gullies are full of black sand and hot rocks, making them very noisy. The 7000 is great for these spots, and he is cleaning up all those bits that were missed. We didn’t weigh it, but his handful looked to have been close to an ounce…A big congratulations to this hard working prospector! I always love looking at gold, so than
  4. Wow, thank you guys for all the great input!!! Dick, I have found a similar looking rock up at Gold Basin, but instead of green it was purple. I once heard flourite as a possibility? Gerard, I really appreciate all the photos. I have not heard of asbesotos in the area, but that doesn't mean its not there. I will do some research on nearby historical claims and see what they list as commodities. Chalcedony appears to be a good possibility. Thank you again!
  5. Hi everyone, I am hoping someone out there might be able to help me identify this rock. It is a beautiful green color, almost like a jade. I have been looking at rocks in the desert for many years, but have never come across this particular mineral before. I don't believe it is related to copper. Any ideas?
  6. Very nice - well done! There's lot of that bird shot out there, but just enough gold mixed in to keep it interesting. Keep it up
  7. A quick note to let you all know that AZO is open, and I was finally able to get back the shop. The snow started falling here in northern Arizona late Saturday night and basically didn’t stop until yesterday afternoon. It was an awesome storm that dumped upwards of 3+ feet in the mountains! The roads in town were an absolute mess, so we waited until the plows had a chance to run. In any case, the AZO office is open and I am working as fast as possible to return all phone calls and emails. I do apologize if I missed you during this closure, I will be making contact today or tomorrow. If a
  8. I had a customer that bought a detector a while back stop by my office this morning. When he came in I noticed he was carrying a large, leather pouch. He also had a big smile, and after he opened the bag I knew why. Inside was one of the prettiest Arizona specimens I have seen in a long time. The entire piece weighed in at over 7-ounces and was covered in gold. We didn’t have time to do an SG test, but I would estimate that there was approx.. 4-ounces of metal in the rock. It was a gorgeous piece, and I want to thank him again for bringing it by and letting me photograph it…Have a great weeken
  9. AZO Closed January 18-22nd, 2021 I wanted to give everyone a heads-up that the Arizona Outback office will be closed next week from January 18th – 22nd. We will resume normal business hours on Monday the 25th. Any orders placed during the previous week will ship first thing that morning. I will also do my best to get all phone calls and emails answered as soon as possible. Thanks - have a great week!
  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Wishing all of our forum family here a very happy and prosperous New Year! May all your targets be golden!
  11. I have a very small batch of the new GPZ 12" Coils from Nugget Finder on the way. The new "Z-Search" Coil will be 300-grams (or 10.5 ounces) lighter than the stock coil, it will include a genuine Minelab lower shaft, and best of all, NO modifications or adapters are needed! Several experienced prospectors (including Jen) will be putting the coil through its paces on various goldfields here in AZ, NV and CA. They should have some great feedback which we will share here and our other social media channels. The coils will be incredibly limited at first, but I expect will supply will get bett
  12. I received this photo and testimonial from a customer that recently purchased a Minelab GPX 5000. It appears that he is off to a great start! Thank you once again for the business, and for sharing your new finds with us. “Hi Chris, I'm up over 1/2 ounce in nuggets since I bought the 5000. My last 5 nuggets were found with the little 8x6 Nugget Finder "Sadie". Thanks again!”
  13. Outstanding gold to kick off the new season! Those specimen pieces are sure pretty..Congratulations to you both!
  14. Hey Mike, congratulations on those nuggets! It's always sweet hitting gold the first day out with a new machine. You are going to love the new EVO coil on your 4500. It's an awesome combo for the type of country we detect here in AZ. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with; save me a few down there!
  15. I found this photo online last night and I thought you guys might enjoy. Check out this amazing use of gold in ancient dentistry. According to the story this was the skull of a pharaoh, which dated to approx.. 2,500 BC! The work is so intricate it boggles my mind that it was accomplished so long ago. I don’t think I would ever want to detect a skull, but in this case I might make an exception Have a great weekend everyone!
  16. Hawkeye, looking forward to seeing you this spring. I will be sure to have a brand new 7000 strategically set out, just in case Dick, I'm with you 100%. Such a phenomenal machine, but it's a boat anchor! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe someday we will see the GPZ technology in a Gold Monster or Equinox housing.
  17. I was able to get out this past weekend for some detecting. I decided to revisit an old patch of mine here in Arizona that had given me at least 40 nuggets over the years. It was a good spot, but I had pounded it to death. My last visit with the GPX-4500 only produced three targets for me; all of which were bullets. I didn’t have much hope this trip, but I figured if I beat the brush and swung nice and slow, I should be able to squeak out a few more targets. Well, I got targets all right, and luckily a majority of them were yellow. The sensitivity of GPZ 7000 absolutely blows me away! I f
  18. Thank you to all the men and women who have served this great country. We appreciate your courage, dedication, and hard work. And a huge thanks to the military families for their support and personal sacrifice…God bless
  19. This beautiful quartz/gold specimen was found by a customer of mine that dropped by last week to pick up a new detector. He found it while metal detecting near the LDMA Camp of Stanton, AZ. This piece tipped the scales at over 7-ounces, with an estimated gold content of approx. 4-ounces! This picture is low quality, but it’s still easy to see what an attractive piece it is. I wanted to thank this prospector not only for the business, but for allowing me to share with you all here. Thanks again - keep it up!
  20. A good friend of mine over in California sent me these photos of a beautiful nugget he just dug. This chunk weighs in at 16.3 dwt or 25-grams, which is almost 1-ounce!!! What an amazing surprise signal! He was using the Minelab GPX 5000 outfitted with the Nugget Finder 14x9” EVO coil. Congratulations to the lucky finder on this great piece of gold. Thank you for letting me share. Have a great weekend everyone!
  21. Hi everyone, I thought I’d share this photo of a beautiful little gold specimen that a friend of mine found with his Minelab GPZ 7000. What a great piece to add to the collection, way to go!
  22. LipCa, I think you nailed it! I would have never guessed a reflector for a sign, but that makes sense. Thank you!
  23. Okay, I found another mystery target out detecting the other day. It looks like a bulb of some sort, but the bottom is completely smooth, as are the sides. The glass is a greenish color. Anyone have any guesses? I also found what looks to be a badly decomposed hammer from a gun.
  24. I wanted to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my good buddy Barstow Craig who is 61 years young. We have been friends for well over a decade, and have dug gold together all across AZ and CA. Thanks for all the memories amigo, I hope you find that multi-ounce birthday nugget today!
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