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  1. Awesome, thanks for sharing.
  2. Great find. Tasty honey quartz.
  3. Flooding of Northern California waterways bring fresh prospects, adventures in gold mining: https://www.google.c...old-mining/amp/ Hope you can get to this link. Some nice information here.
  4. Thanks Chris, I thought it might be some sort of survailance system. If indeed it is a PI type, imagine the pulse.
  5. I wonder if they found the patch with this.
  6. IronMike

    GPX + EVO = AU

    Dietcoke, I switched over from the CT 14 by 9 to the 12 mainly because I did not want to go with the monster 15 by 17. I hunt in the heavy brush which has not been hit real hard yet, all of the open trails/ground has been hit real hard now for years. I listened to all the talk about this new EVO coil and it being stable and less affected by EMI so thought I would give it a try and I am not dissapointed. Almost NO falsing when bumpping into things and the abbility to slide the coil around on ground enables me to hear those little flakes that are on or just below the surface. My 4500 and I love this coil and Chris, I will need a new skid plate soon, will talk later.
  7. IronMike

    GPX + EVO = AU

    I agree. I paid for my 12" EVO yesterday with a 5 dwt. piece. I think it needs to be renamed to Flake Finder as most of these tiny pieces were at or near the surface. The biggest one was next to a prior dighole that they did not here.
  8. Well, I took my new 12" EVO out for a stroll last Saturday. Sorry to say no GOLD but I was really on a mental health day, enjoying the delightful day on a familiar hill and seeing how this new coil handled things. I skimmed through old areas where nuggets had been found for the past 20 years by every machine known to man and by some of the very best detectorist/miners in the game. This coil behaved very nicely on my 4500. I was able to run in General search mode with the gain at 12, sensitive smooth and timings in Enhanced. I am very impressed with the fact that I am able to scrub the ground and bang it into bushes and rocks without false signals. It has no trouble going on its side or upside down, the threshold stays rock solid. While there was lots of airplane traffic, not one bothered me at all. Occasional ground balancing due to the red hot soil is normal for this hill and the EVO responded perfectly. I did notice that there was only one particular hot rock that sounds like a target, the stuff that looks like baked sand, all grainy looking but move it out of the way with my boot and problem solved. I did not use a bungee as working in the thick bush is harder with one but the ability to put the coil in from the top then slide it around bushes, without false targets by banging into things is just what I have been looking for, get as close to the gold as possible. I did find a boot tack, ¼” long and small diameter at 2 inches and should have been found before, sounded like a ¼ dwt at 3 inches. We did do an air test with a 5000 and a 14” by 9” mono, non blitz but extremely a deadly elliptical coil on a 1/4 dwt. flake. I am 5 or 6 inches to his 3. Made me a believer to keep it on and find some deeper stuff myself. Can’t wait to get back out and find some gold.
  9. No busybody service, I love it!
  10. IronMike

    Congress lot

    So true Mike. Also with Google Earth, just type in the address and maybe even get a street view.
  11. IronMike

    New Metal Detecting Book!

    AWESOME! Can't wait
  12. Way to go Kid. Glad you were able to score. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Way to go Ray. Just look at all them rocks to move, should keep you busy for a while.
  14. NICE! Where do I get one of them? I used to have a "BS Grinder" but gave it to my painters some years back.
  15. IronMike


    Yea, like grubby says, put some super slickem on it.