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  1. good job, Chris...I guess you forgot your straw....excellent pointers on where the gold can hide. fred
  2. You will probably have to do the install...the replacement they sent me did not have the update. very simple, if I could do anyone can.... fred
  3. WOW! that is what Oz dreams are made of...or anywhere else. fred
  4. Yes, Dick, after more thinking ( that hurt a lot) I realized it was a racer...they are fast! Jen, the trouble with running is this...will you be running into trouble or away? Being from Oz I would think you would have the "no worries, it'll be right, Mate" attitude. fred
  5. great pic's! Dick, that looks like a Glossy Snake...very pretty. fred
  6. Sad day indeed for us...I suspect he is much happier in Heaven. fred
  7. Nice job, Chris! I have done a few of those and found the experience immensely satisfying... fred
  8. Very nice, a continuity test will reveal much...as well as a specific gravity test... fred
  9. don't have any pic's Dick...but, I love that rv!!! fred
  10. Chris, send me some of that luck...I can't walk all those canyons anymore...just send me to the easy just off the road ones...thanks in advance!!! Chrisski...that is a fact...when they are out of parts it is too bad-too sad. hence, don't pay too much and test the used machine...otherwise it may be penny wise and dollars foolish. Of course, if you are buying from a reputable dealer, such as Chris G you may rest easy... fred
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