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  1. You have me mistaken for somebody else. Adam and I have never met nor do I live in Arizona. Actually I have not been to Arizona since attending U of A for a couple years, but that was 30 years ago!
  2. Now that's funny Jennifer! btw that is a really nice gold nugget. Hope you find many more in the new year.
  3. Very true! Maybe you should follow your own advise Jennifer before you post all of your worthless drivel...
  4. They look like the nuggets from that watermelon seed patch that you found. Nice finds!
  5. That is a heck of a find! Don't let the forest service see these types of things if you find them. A ranger stopped my 11 year old and I the other day for no reason on our way out of our claim. She asked him directly (not me) if he found any relics besides gold. Fortunately he said no. She then told us that if we had removed anything older than 50 years she would have to write us a citation. I could not believe she asked him the question and not me. Luckily the only targets we dug were 3 dinks and 2 buckshot.
  6. I love the look of freshly unearthed gold nuggets!
  7. With all that dirt being that is being turned over, I bet there are more fantastic finds to come. Wish I had the time to get out there!
  8. I remember the same that this was found by Shep while hunting with Grubstake and Miner Matt. What a great find! It was something like 2 pounds found that day?
  9. I have one and will be using it on my gpx5000, but with all the rain in NorCal haven't had a chance to get out. Will post about it if it ever stops raining long enough to go detecting!
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