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  1. How does it work here? Did pard come back and edit his posts...or was he moderated? Just curious


    Looks like pard edited his posts. I read them and they were not worth wasting your time reading anyway.

    Having never met Ray, all the detail and positive attitude he adds to the forum is priceless. An asset to this and any forum is what Ray is. He's the kind of person I'd love to listen to at a campfire. Genuine. You have left a few other forums, please do not leave this one because of one person.

  2. I was there from 11 till 5 today. At one point, I counted 30 people hunting the soccer fields and surrounding areas and there were probably more like 40. I rained quite a bit around lunch time. Wes, check ou the link below and it will show the doppler radar from the fall. I met all those guys out there today, even Bob Ward. I personally saw 2 metoerites found today. One a 2+ grammer and one a 17 grammer. I did overhear an offer for the large one and while it was not $10K a gram, it was a lot! The small one sold immediately to a collector for a very nice price. Nasa had a scientist out there and there were newspapers and tv crews also. The 17 grammer was found by a lady walking her dog. I took a picture of it with my phone, but have not downloaded it yet. I'll post it later (I gotta make dinner right now). The big one broke when she picked it up. It was beautiful! It was oriented and a solid piece. The fusion crust was unmistakeable and it wrapped around the under side of the rock. Man, I wish I could have found the big one!



  3. Sometimes a change of scenery in nice and I have always liked the appearance of the gold from that L patch. Also, my employer wanted to go out and find a nugget. I have rules at the other places you are already aware of. Funny thing that the first time I met my employer and his friend out there, they had been there for a couple hours swinging a bounty hunter and an mxt. I had only hunted for a half hour and they came over to say they had to leave. I followed them back to their car, detecting along the way. I didn't get 20 feet and had a nice target. 6 inches deep was a nice dwt nugget! I let him dig it up and keep the nugget. His first actual nugget after many years of panning and sluicing. He wanted to go out and get a 5000 the next day. It's hard to explain to somebody that it's not always that easy after they have the excitement of actually digging and seeing a fresh nugget come out of the ground.

  4. I never figured that they are natural. They seem too evenly spaced and consistent. I have always believed they were created by some type of dry mining, either drywashing or winnowing. The gold I have found out there has always been relatively shallow, under a foot. Many pieces sitting on the surface to a couple inches deep. That ground is very mineralized, hence the reason these newer machines can detect nuggets missed by the older machines.

    Hawkeye-I have been out there 3 times this winter season. The first time there were 7 cars and 13 people detecting. The second time there were 5 or 6 cars and at least 10 people detecting. The last time was a brief hour hunt and there were 5 others detecting. Rocker box tailings would make sense about the piles.

    I talked to several of the people out there detecting. Most kept on saying how that field was a waste of time and was worked out, but I never got skunked. Some of them were posting their finds over on Rob's forum. I found a nugget a bit over a dwt between 2 dig holes that were 3 feet apart. It was just under a foot deep and sounded real nice from the start. The right attitude can make all the difference out there. If you believe you are not going to find a nugget, you probably won't. Just because there are dig holes everywhere doesn't mean a nugget came from every dig.

    I do remember that hunt when you found those 7 or 8 nuggets. They were nice! Your buddy could not stand to see us out there finding gold. He was so worried about what we were doing, he could not concentrate on what he was doing! Last time I talked to him several years ago, he had just finished gridding that field and got all the gold. lol.

  5. That's too bad. With all the people that have been out there this season it does not surprise me. I haven't seen any trash, but did find a $10 bill in the middle of the field. There are dig holes everywhere. Some filled in and some left unfilled. That was a great place to let the dogs run. That spot seemed to always give up a nugget or to for the persistent. A positive attitude was a must.

    Steve, didn't you find your first detected nugget out there in the road with me a couple years ago?

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