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  1. Bob and El Dorado,


    Off topic but your comments about snow runoff water reminded me of a time I dredged on Empire Creek above Downieville.

    The water temperature was 45 degrees.

    I got in and was so shocked by the cold

    I couldn't remember what I had gotten in the water to do.

    We had to built a fire by the water to thaw out.

    It was the middle of summer.


    Anyway, back to felt-lined boots...


    Nice work Bob,






    Empire, Lavezzola, and Pauly creeks never warm up. Even at the end of summer low water period, a wet suit is mandatory. You can last for about 5 minutes without one and your skin will be bright red. It sure is a beautiful place though.

  2. That definitely looks like leaf gold Bob. It usually forms that way in certain veins around here. I bet there is more nearby and hope you can find the source and get some bigger pieces also. I have found them paper thin and also a little thicker. The edges usually have a characteristic ripple to them. When it is found still in the quartz, you can see that it runs like a sheet through the rock.

  3. I was digging on a bench up at Mineral Bar on the North Fork American a long time ago and carrying the material down to my sluice box in the river. I had no idea the roots I was digging in were poison oak. It was summer and I was wearing flip/flops, shorts and no shirt. I got it so bad I still have scars on my feet. The doc put me on predizone and I had to take a week off work. Any more, I will just leave the gold rather than get into that stuff.

  4. 4" Nozzel is like swinging a 8" coil in the middle of the desert and less than 14 days to locate your paystreak before your permit expires! This sucks since there hasn't been a salmon swim up my creek since the 1920's. Just hope my 5" doesn't rust to bits out in the woods?




    I would just put a constricting ring on the nozzle. Most dredge nozzles are less than the hose diameter anyway to prevent plug ups. At least you could have a true 4".

  5. I hear ya Wes. The creek that I prefer to dredge will turn your skin pink in the middle of the summer in 5 minutes. My wife said "at least you can get up there for a week dredge trip in September." Women, when will they understand. I need a week every month to dredge...Seriously, the water in my creek probably never gets over 55 in the middle of summer and damn if it is not in the 40's in September. And now I can dredge during the time the Forest Circus said the trout were spawning the last 30 years? None of it makes sense, but then again look who we are dealing with...

  6. If these regs get adopted, my dredge season in the very cold high sierra would start September 1st and end January 31st. At least I have a wet suit heater. I can only hope that the stream I dredge on is not considered a tributary to the North Yuba, but I doubt it. If not considered a tributary, I could dredge all year. It is all a little bit confusing. It also seams that nozzle size would be limited to 4" and power winches would be illegal unless specifically approved by the Department. First come first served on permits for the the first 4000. I just skimmed the document so I may be wrong. I am already freezing cold.


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