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  1. I bought one for summertime use. Have yet to give it a go for more than 15 minutes just to make sure it worked. I would use headphone over anything else,

    but some areas I plan to use the Goldscreamer power pack in the heavy manzanita and hope to not tangle up. I too would like to get the link to $13 batteries.

    And I look forward to (not) hearing those buzztails when I am crawling through the brush. I agree with the cover/case. The EurekaWorx box covers are the

    best quality I have found and would like to have that type of quality.


  2. Good luck out there Dakota Slim. Maybe Nugget will sniff out a couple gold nuggets for you.

    It was good meeting you out there that Friday night with all the guys. Boy, that camp spot was

    dusty. The dust permeates just about everything. I hope to stay out there longer next year also.

    We have been having really hot weather here in NorCal as well. After such a nice summer of low

    temps, this heat is miserable. Last week up in the mountains it was almost freezing temps at night

    and cool in the days.

    Take care and good luck out there. I may see you soon Chris. I still don't know my work schedule.


  3. Welcome to Cali Bob! We get some pretty huge stripers up here. I used to fish

    in a stream above Chico that has no dams and the salmon would be so far up there

    I thought it to be impossible. It is something you just have to see for yourself.

    Nice catch! When you have a little time, I know some great steelhead holes in the

    American River I would be happy to take you to.


  4. Nice vids madtuna. I'll be out tomorrow to spend a little time with my new 5000.

    I got out for a hunt in a patch I gridded last year with the 4500 and banged out

    a small .2 grammer and a couple lead bits. I got my new beeper in the mail at 5PM

    and loaded the truck and headed out and got in less than an hour of hunting time.

    I used the 4500 battery because I could not wait for the new battery to charge. I

    hope to get in a couple hours tomorrow and try some different settings. I was using

    the fine gold setting the other day.



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