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    matt reacted to Chris Gholson in Mystery artifact from the Mother Lode!   
    A customer of mine over in the California just texted me this photo of an awesome find. He hiked way down into the bottom of a canyon and was hunting the bedrock along the river when he came across a good signal. After quite a bit of digging & chipping, out pops this incredible medallion! The characters appear to be Chinese, but I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s not rusty either, so I’m wondering what type of metal it might be. If anyone out there has any ideas as to what it could be, he would certainly enjoy hearing them. 

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    matt got a reaction from clay in Don't walk away Renee.... detect, even if not detecting.....   
    You have me mistaken for somebody else. Adam and I have never met nor do I live in Arizona. Actually I have not been to Arizona since attending U of A for a couple years, but that was 30 years ago!
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    matt got a reaction from nugget108 in Don't walk away Renee.... detect, even if not detecting.....   
    Very true! Maybe you should follow your own advise Jennifer before you post all of your worthless drivel...
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    matt got a reaction from Jennifer Bond in Don't walk away Renee.... detect, even if not detecting.....   
    Now that's funny Jennifer! btw that is a really nice gold nugget. Hope you find many more in the new year.
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    matt reacted to Jennifer Bond in Don't walk away Renee.... detect, even if not detecting.....   
    Sounds good Matt.. just don't feel threatened by his obvious attraction to me, he's still yours. LOL
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    matt got a reaction from Jennifer Bond in Don't walk away Renee.... detect, even if not detecting.....   
    Very true! Maybe you should follow your own advise Jennifer before you post all of your worthless drivel...
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    matt reacted to nugget108 in Not your average bullet casing!   
    Exactly Chris! They hammer on the good people that just want to enjoy the history of the peice. My boys love finding the old relics and rusty stuff. It goes in our yard, or on display in the house where all of our friends and family can admire them. We have several conversations a year over them like " I wonder what the person was like that used this, or if this relic could talk, what would we learn". To me that is preserving our history, and people get to enjoy it and talk about it and even touch something that they may have never seen before. In my eyes, its ours, not the BLMs or Forest Services. 
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    matt reacted to Chris Gholson in Not your average bullet casing!   
    Hey Matt,
    That’s a shame to hear you guys were hassled, and I agree that it’s sneaky to question the minor before the adult. Kudos to your son, he sounds like a smart kid. 
    Laws like this are so foolish. There’s nothing wrong about wanting to preserve and protect our historical sites for future generations. They are our heritage and a testament to those that came before us, and deserving of our respect. I get that, but what I don’t get is the people they target; like you and your son. The real threat in my opinion are the vandals armed with spray paint and hundreds of rounds of ammo. I can’t even tell you how many old stone cabins and adobe structures I have run across over the years that are tagged with all sorts of graffiti and filled with more holes than Swiss cheese. These people are the real danger to our antiquities, not the guy out in the field digging a few shallow holes with his detector. The current mindset here in the US seems to be, “It’s better to let those relics rust away into oblivion versus someone actually digging them up and preserving in a private collection.” I think if our laws were closer to those over in Europe we would see a lot more cool artifacts showing up in our museums…
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    matt got a reaction from nugget108 in Not your average bullet casing!   
    That is a heck of a find!
    Don't let the forest service see these types of things if you find them. A ranger stopped my 11 year old and I the other day for no reason on our way out of our claim. She asked him directly (not me) if he found any relics besides gold. Fortunately he said no. She then told us that if we had removed anything older than 50 years she would have to write us a citation. I could not believe she asked him the question and not me. Luckily the only targets we dug were 3 dinks and 2 buckshot.
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    matt reacted to Chris Gholson in Not your average bullet casing!   
    I came across these photos this morning and couldn’t remember if I had shared them or not. A friend & customer up in Oregon was detecting along when he dug up this old .45-75 rifle cartridge. He almost tossed it into the bushes, but noticed there was something wrapped around it. A closer inspection revealed that a piece of cork had been shoved into the open end and a wire was wrapped around to keep it secure. He decided to take it apart and find out what was inside. What happened next is something many of us dream about, but for him it actually happened. He pulled out the cork and watched in shock as nugget after nugget rolled out! The cartridge had been converted into a makeshift gold poke for an old-time miner. The five small nuggets inside didn’t add up to a lot of weight, but what an amazing piece of pioneer history. Incredible find, thank you for sharing with us! 

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    matt reacted to Chris Gholson in Surprise gift - thank you!   
    A good friend of mine surprised me this past weekend with a really cool gift. Check out what he found while poking around an abandoned hard rock mine in California. It is a 2 lb. can of calcium carbide made by Union Carbide. Even better, the can is still intact and full! He thought it would make a great addition to my growing collection of mining memorabilia, and it does. Thanks again Craig!

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    matt reacted to Chris Gholson in Another for the bottle   
    I got a chance to swing the Minelab GPX this past weekend. While walking down a very tiny and narrow wash, I picked up a faint signal. Because of its location I assumed it was trash, but once I got down about 6”, I knew this target had a chance. Once out of the hole I was pleasantly surprised to see a shiny one grammer peeking out from the dirt in my hand! Not a huge find, but it’s always a good day when I come home with new gold in the bottle. It was found using the Nugget Finder 15” Evolution Coil which is officially one of my all-time favorite coils. 
    P.S. The snakes are definitely on the move. Although I didn’t see any, I did see plenty of their tracks crisscrossing the sand. Be sure to wear your chaps and be safe out there everyone! 

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    matt reacted to Chris Gholson in Gorgeous multi-oz gold nugget!   
    A friend & customer just sent over these photos of a stunning gold/quartz specimen that he found while metal detecting in Arizona. He located it with a MINELAB GPX-4500 at a depth of 14+ inches. Including the rock, it weighs in at 2.87-ounces. What a stunning find, thank you so much for sharing with us!

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    matt reacted to Chris Gholson in Happy prospector - new finds!   
    I received this photo a while back from a good friend and customer over in California. These are some of his recent metal detecting finds using the Minelab GPX 5000. Total weight is a bit over 22-grams! Beautiful gold; thanks for sharing with us!

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    matt reacted to Chris Gholson in Fresh from the ground!!!   
    Fresh from the ground! A friend & customer just texted over this photo about ten minutes ago. Take a look at what he just unearthed with his Minelab GPZ 7000 at over 25 inches! This is his biggest nugget to date. I asked what it weighed and he said his scale only goes to an ounce, and the nugget causes an error message. I hate error messages, but in this case it’s a good thing!
    I can’t say exactly where, but it was found in the Arizona desert…I am so excited for this gentleman. He’s a great guy who works hard and definitely deserved this trophy piece. Well done my friend – thank you for letting my share!

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    matt reacted to Chris Gholson in Nice start with the Equinox 800!   
    I sold a Minelab Equinox 800 a while back to a gentleman up in Wyoming and mentioned that I always love seeing photos of customer finds. Well he didn’t forget, because I just got these in the mail! From the looks of it, he has definitely gotten the hang of the machine. He has found all sorts of goodies. My personal favorite is the bar token from Montana…Great work Tom, thanks so much for sharing with us!   

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    matt reacted to Chris Gholson in There's always a few more!   
    I was able to get out detecting over the weekend. It was snowing and cold up north, so I bailed out and headed south to the deserts. What a difference 5,000 feet makes! The weather was great and by 10:00 I had ditched the sweater and was hunting in a T-shirt.
    I really wanted to go exploring for new ground, but because the days are so short now, I decided just to focus and rework some old patches. I was using the Minelab GPX detector and my all-time favorite coil, the Nugget Finder 15” Evolution. I hit two patches that had produced nicely for me in the past. All the easy “sitting duck” targets were long gone, so I knew I’d have to take my time. I decreased my normal swing speed to about half and really concentrated on keeping the coil as low to the ground as possible. I hugged all the contours and kicked rocks and dead brush out of the way. I was absolutely amazed at how many tiny, subtle targets started to show up. There were lots of ironstone hot rocks as well, but moving slower helped minimize those as well. The slower speed changed their target signal and I was able to ignore a vast majority. That’s not to say I didn’t hear a lot of ghost signals, but after you scratch and kick enough of them, eventually a few turn into solid targets. I dug every single target I got, most of which were slivers of rusty iron, but in the end I walked away with 12 shiny nuggets in my pocket. The total weight was 6.1-grams. None of the pieces were huge, but like I’ve said before, I never toss any of them back!  Here are a few photos…Happy Hunting everyone!

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    matt got a reaction from Hawkeye in BIG nugget to kick off the season!!!   
    Looks like your buddy. Wonder where he found it?
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    matt reacted to Reno Chris in Cool pic of Oroville Dam   
    The river that flows by down below has good gold, but the hillside washed away by the broken spillway is not a spot known for gold. Think of it like this - you selected a random hillside in the Bradshaws and washed all the soil off it. Now if that was a hillside which had good gold, it might be amazing - but if you just had a hill with no gold and washed all the soil and loose rock off it that might not be anything of note. Not every hillside in the mother lode has gold, just like not every hillside in the Bradshaws is rich in gold. Now down along the river below there was some bench gravels - some were washed to expose bedrock - should be some good gold down there. Other bedrock down along the river has been buried by the soils washed down - that gold is actually harder to get to than it was. However the area of exposed bedrock is a construction area and they are not letting people anywhere near. There will be some opportunity for prospectors, but the whole thing has been way over-hyped by the fake news media.
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