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  1. It’s a Chinese character and means one wood. Think it part of a song.
  2. Great find congrats to whoever found it. He sure got that thing clean, judging by all the nooks and crannys it must have been difficult to clean.
  3. SOLD - Selling this great looking California Mother lode gold nugget, Weight is 6 Dwts or 9.33 grams. This nugget is perfect size and shape for a necklace. Asking $450. Prefer paypal, PM me if you have any questions or want additional photos.
  4. SOLD - Selling 1 semi crystalline nugget found in Calif Sierra foot hills. Nugget is 3.7 dwts (5.75 Grams) asking $255. PM me f your interested
  5. SOLD Selling this 7.7 dwt or 11.97 gram nugget I found a few years ago in the Calif Sierra foot hills. Its a solid nugget with no quartz in it. Asking $500. Send me a PM if your interested.
  6. Chris, nice job on the video, you should definately film more.
  7. LipCa, I saw the blades and they were less than a 1/16th of and inch more like 1/64th. Yes the gold mass weight is from before the cut.
  8. LipCa, its listed in the post above, just over 17 dwts. The lapidary saw blade is very thin. Each slice is @ 1/8 in thick. except one slice is thinner.
  9. I tried ebay, it looks like I will end up sending them to the smelter.
  10. A professional lapidary shop sliced them. Its located in Grass Valley CA.
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