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  1. Thanks Dean, yea I didn't have much choice, I am getting arm surgery for a work related item so it was this or stay out of the gold fields and we both know that never works.. LOL
  2. Yea I'm in Gold Basin, we don't have that next day Amazon service.. .LOL... Plus I'm sinking a well this weekend so I can fire up the trommel so won't be testing it for a few days.
  3. I just purchased this item as well to see how it works connected to the GPX-5000, GPX-7000 and the Steelphase SP-01. It would be awesome if this allowed these headphones/shoulder speaker to work across our full collection of detectors. I'll let you all know how it works re latency etc. https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Transmitter-Receiver-Wireless-Audio/dp/B09CYD2D99/ref=sr_1_4?crid=14YPSQPZXXZ37&dchild=1&keywords=aptx+hd+transmitter&qid=1631822172&s=electronics&sprefix=aptX+HD+tran%2Celectronics%2C235&sr=1-4
  4. Well it's time to show what's behind the curtain... and I LOVE it...... Most of you recall from my long ago days (2009/2010) that I come from BC, we don't wear headphones in BC, lest you get a bear or grizzly tap on your shoulder. For 10+ years I've NEVER felt comfortable in headphones, now moving to Arizona, I don't wear them for fear of stepping on a rattler or the ongoing discomfort from the heat and sweaty ears. I know full well I've missed gold, walked away from subtle targets as the area I detect can be dead calm one second and windy the next.. so if using a speaker, more than
  5. Ok kids... boy do I have a treat for you... I just got back from a trip to Doc's secret lab in Las Vegas.... while I was there I picked up a special little item... it's charging at the moment... but I'll have a little write up in the next few days, once I pair it with the GPX 6000 and have a chance to use it... oh boys n goyles... I think you're gonna like this little gem...... stay tuned... this is a game changer for those of us who hate typical headphones. Jen
  6. It shows!!!!!!!!! My pleasure Doc..... call me a snob, but I appreciate quality workmanship!!!! Hey, I swing Minelab's don't I?
  7. Hi all... thanks for reading my post, I wanted to share my thoughts on something that I just purchased from Doc if you haven't seen them already.... You all know I've been flying 2300's, 4500's, 5000,'s and a 7000 that you all heard me complain about as it pulled out ounces for me... well I bit the bullet, mainly due to needed arm surgery and weight issues and picked up a GPX 6000... and of course the obligatory Doc's cover for it (Hey Minelab, we know you want to, just buy him off and include them already, we all know that no one else makes a cover worthy of your name on it). :)... so th
  8. I've seen some quick shipping in my day but Doc (https://docsdetecting.com/) defied the laws of physics yesterday.... WOW.... I called him yesterday around lunch time, confirmed he had stock on a GPX 6000, 17" elliptical coil, and his cover set, he had stock..... gave him my credit card number and within minutes he sent me a text that he was on the way to the post office, it arrived at my mail box in Gold Basin around noon today..... I'm absolutely blown away how fast Doc shipped this, thank you Doc, and thank you for the numerous calls we had where you shared your guidance regarding where it
  9. It would be great to see a shade like that on the GPZ control head cover (the one Doc sells).... I actually removed the cover off my control head because between the plastic and sun glare it was just too hard to read... that shade would be great.
  10. I read an article recently that Doc wrote that I noticed he has not shared here. I hope he does not mind me doing just that, it's a great write up and too good to not share. Doc, if you do not want it posted, just let me know and I'll delete. Jen GPZ7000 or GPX6000? By Doc of Doc’s Detecting © 2021 G.M. “Doc” Lousignont, Ph.D. I have used both the GPZ7000 and the GPX6000. I have been a Minelab dealer in the U.S. for 29 years. I will try to help you make an informed decision. First I have to try to explain the technologies involved. The 7000 is the top dog, hand
  11. You get these covers through mock up and into production so fast that I'm starting to think that Minelab gets their new detector design criteria and mock up ideas from you and your cases, not the other way around. Jen
  12. If anyone is looking for aftermarket shafts for running the Commie coils on your Zed, here is a link. Everything is included , like wing nuts and threaded nut thingy and washers. They look identical but without the ML logo, and the ridiculous Minelab stamp tax.. you can't beat $19.00. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000608425797.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.25794c4dFgrzVE&fbclid=IwAR1YO26x7s-D78tMQufcJKdiXKpqD1rhPwqlZ51QPchi0Syi0gK5VZ7s7UU Jen
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