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  1. The NF Evo coils are "the bomb" ( in any size). The 12x8" seems to be the perfect answer for cleaning up a patch. Like the little "Sadie" coil, it seems to be the perfect size for getting in to those tight spots where a larger coil just can't go. Nice work. Thanks for sharing your test results! Dean
  2. Nice! Nothing better than the chance of finding space rocks and gold on the same hunt. A big "iron" is on my bucket list! Dean
  3. Fun day as usual, Chris! Yes, we've got a lot of hunting to do at this spot. I'm sure more good stuff will turn up. Dean
  4. I took my Nox for a spin the other day after performing the update (super simple to do BTW). What I noticed, post update, is that the machine is more stable (less chatter) to EMI. VDI #s are more stable. The place I hunted is right across the street from a large cell tower. The first time Chris and I hunted there I had to turn the sensitivity down to 15 to keep the machine stable enough to hunt with. Interestingly, Chris' CTX was unaffected by the cell tower. Post update, I was able to hunt with the sensitivity at 19 and probably could have gone higher but I prefer a very stable machine. I got
  5. With the last of the cool weather, Chris and I managed to get out for a fun relic hunt. He was armed with his CTX and me with the Equinox 800. This 1800s ghost town is way up in the hills but worth the trip as the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. It was our first detecting trip to this out- of- the- way place (ATV required) and we did manage a few goodies. Nothing valuable or earth shattering, but now that we have a feel for the place, I believe we will do even better on future trips. We also spied some pretty promising looking nugget country that deserves a closer look with the GPX's in hand
  6. Got out yesterday and did a little old house and curb strip hunting. Really fun hunt as the owners were a great group of young guys doing some garage band practice. They gave me the run of the place and an invitation to go back. Found a little silver and some other neat old relics... Holy cow! The pics turned out huge with the new website format. Gonna have to resize differently. Dean
  7. It is. I believe Chris Porter (Nevada Chris) is the guy you need to talk to. He is the Hip Stick guy. Dean
  8. Great job, Chris! Must have been a blast. That CTX is just the right size for that young lady...and to think some grown men complain about it's weight! Dean
  9. Thanks Terry! You nailed it. The Equinox is an awesome machine for this type of work. It's so fast it has little trouble sifting through the trash. We had a great weekend and wound up with some cool finds. Thank you, Chris! Dean
  10. I can't wait to read your review! Wow...is right! Dean
  11. Thanks, Terry! How's your Equinox experience going? Dean
  12. I took the Equinox to an old rail road yard and ran it in Field 2 mode. Tried a couple of different Iron Bias settings and settled on 2. Speed setting 6... the iron trash is thick. The Equinox is incredibly fast and separates very, very well even wearing the 11" coil. I was able to pick some cool relics out of the iron including my first Indian Head Penny and a really odd shell casing... a .38-55. Early reports on the Equinox have been excellent on all fronts. Dean
  13. I took the Equinox to an Indian Wars era Calvary Camp that has been hunted very hard by multiple machines and operators. I haven't been back there for a while because finds were becoming very scarce. I also went back to the old CCC camp ground in the afternoon. I hunted again in Park 2. Same settings as my last hunt. The three ringers and shell casings came from the Calvary Camp and everything else from the CCC camp. The .56 Spencer case shouldn't have been there. We have hunted this particular patch of ground until the last few hunts have produced nothing. The Equinox hit it solid
  14. The 4500 is mind blowing as is. No need to mod it. Get a good coil or two and you are all set. Good luck! Dean
  15. I received my Equinox from Chris yesterday (Thanks, Chris!), put it together and charged it and the wireless head phones up to full. I used a six port USB quick charger and was able to charge everything at the same time. The charger cost something like $20 at Walmart. I was able to get out to an old camp ground that I've hit with a few different machines. I pulled a Merc dime from there last week with my E-Trac. The camp ground is horribly trashy with melted aluminum chunks, pull tabs and old steel crown caps being the biggest offenders and literally everywhere. The only way to hunt this place
  16. If you are serious about gold then the GPX is the way to go. Like Jen said...you won't regret it. I just got my Equinox from Chris yesterday and swung it for the first time today...WOW! I'll post up a pic in the coin/relic section. Dean
  17. Another fun and productive trip! Thank you, Chris!! The wind was a bit cold and harsh... I learned that it isn't a good idea to set up your camp chair directly up-wind of the camp fire ! Another one of life's lessons learned the hard way. I also learned that the 15" EVO is my new go to coil. I am shocked at the small sized targets this coil will hit for it's size. I feel that I didn't sacrifice any smaller pieces of gold by using this larger coil. Nice and light too. The 14"X 9" Evo hasn't come off of my machine since I got it over a year ago. It will now be relegated to my "tight and brushy
  18. Hey Dick, nice pics! I see that you modded your motor home a bit...very nice ! That thing would be the "Beast of the Basin". I haven't been adding much to the poke lately. A few small pieces here and there. Hopefully, that will change soon! Until then, I wish you and Mike the best of luck! I'll add to the collage as well... You and Chris both showing me some Basin nugs . Hope to see you guys again soon. Dean
  19. Nice chunky gold, Chris. A great way to start the New Year! Congrats ! I hope everyone finds many ounces this year!! Dean
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