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  1. That Dry wash system is killer !! But if Jen wants to run year round in gold basin and has access to enough water , the wet system may be the way to go. Drywashers are just so much simpler, and the recovery is better on fines
  2. A new detector can sure give a person confidence e`h ! Nice Gold !
  3. Stunning piece !! Thats it !! , I`m moving to North Western Arizona !
  4. Guys on the ground in the industry still call it Blue Stake..... Can I borrow that Kubota?
  5. What an epic find Chris !! Would love to know the story behind those nuggets
  6. What a gorgeous piece of gold.....I`m going to start hunting in Mojave County !!
  7. Nice to see you post Chris, and what a great haul of nuggets ! Awesome !
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