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  1. She can afford it she is a rich girl. Money is not an object... just a tool
  2. Jennifer I have seen you on many forums only to leave for one reason or another but in all your post I have never seen you post any gold. Do you actually swing a detector or just buy and sell mining equipment?
  3. What would it be worth without the paperwork verifying it is an actual Meteorite?
  4. It is the same rhetoric that has been permeating with out substantiation through out all of our forums. In my opinion, it will be a relief to see this machine quickly fall by the wayside like all the other detectors that have received all the hype only to fall short. (Eureka Gold, Gold Bug Pro, etc..)
  5. Nice Finds Chris I would expect to see you post your next nuggets next to the coin!
  6. I try to keep the magnets on my pick away from the control box and coil on my detector just in case.
  7. Nice Nugget! But don't forget that the time that you have with those who truly love you and have only a short time are hours and days that the Lord doesn't take away from you. I admire you for your commitment Thanks
  8. That is an awesome find! and I really like the white quartz back ground.
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