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  1. Not gonna lie, I thought she was going to eat it at the end! Great video thanks for sharing.
  2. There are a lot of important details missing. Knowing the type of ore is probably the most important. Is this free milling gold? If it is, get yourself a small jaw crusher and work that pile yourself. If not, then having the offer for someone else to chemically process the material isnt such a bad deal, as working with those chemicals can be costly as well as dangerous.
  3. Oil prices are up on pure speculation. Basically wealthy investors buying up raw commodities and hording based on the fact that they think supply will be drying up. Thats what all the crap about Libya was. Speculation that supply from Libya would decrease and oil prices would rise, so speculators start buying up oil causing the price to rise even higher. It's all a manipulation of supply and demand.
  4. I dont understand these shows at all. Some of the details make it unbelievable to me. For example the wardens act like its a hard to find remote camp and say they have a 4 mile hike with 2 river crossings to get out, yet the suspect just drives up in his pick up and they have all this heavy equipment in place? They don't ask if its a mining claim or if they have any permits to operate and then they show the guys bottle of gold and make it seem like all that work is for 20 bucks of gold. I dunno it just smells just like all the dredging articles that say dredgers wreak all this destruction just
  5. For sale Whites Goldmaster V/sat. Works great. Stock coil. Has some scratches and such. The plastic battery holder is taped due to a crack but still works. $220 Shipped
  6. I'm 26 and I'm down on hands and knees on 80% of the holes I dig so don't feel bad
  7. Ive been to a few small pits lower down on the mountain than where you were at and theres always been signs of heavy bear traffic. I think they feed off the manzanita's but it's just a guess. Fortunate for me I've never had an encounter. Glad to hear your weekend wasn't ruined by that bear.
  8. This is just speculation here, but I heard it will dig your holes and chill your beer!
  9. I would of dug all your targets for a chance to be in such knowledgeable company! Sounds like you guys had a blast. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Beautiful gold Rick. Sounds like you guys had a blast! Happy Memorial Day!
  11. Its hard to say how the landscape might have changed in the last 150 years or if the ground was disturbed or not. Its fun to try to guess though lol.
  12. Hey, Happy Birthday Rick. I hope it was a good one. Talk to you soon. Sean
  13. Great video. Makes me wish I still had my video camera.
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