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  1. Very cool find Chris! Thanks for sharing.
  2. All aircraft parts and engines from the 1930s to WW2 is all i could find also. Probably parts tags for identification purposes during assembly if i were to guess, BUT just a guess lol. Cool finds Chris! Dan
  3. nugget108

    Digging up History

    Thanks for sharing Chris! Great job.
  4. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing Chris.
  5. Great hunt guys! My boys and I have found 2 of those "tensioners". Its great to know what they are now. Thanks a lot and great job!
  6. Thats great!! Nice old coins guys!
  7. nugget108

    Hot weekend relic hunt

    Great find Chris!!
  8. Very nice Chris!! Great job.
  9. nugget108

    His First GPX Nugget

    Very nice, congratulations.
  10. nugget108

    Social Distance Gold

    Awesome chunksters Chris!!! Great job bud.
  11. nugget108

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Happy New Year to you and your family Chris. And also to all of the great members on this forum.