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  1. Chris R U "CRAZY" Didn't your Mother ever tell you that people that explore dark caves shouldn't throw rocks a wooden or metal boxes???? Brother, You Had My Hart Skipping A Few Beats There. Although I probably would have done the same "CRAZY" thing if presented with the same situation. However Chris - I don't own AZO Prospecting & Supplies and if that metal box went "Klaboom" I really doubt that anybody here would really honestly miss me as much as they would be missing you and your Great Arizona Outback Prospecting & Supply Business. Chris, you have built a very "Solid and Honest"
  2. Chris, so very sorry for the passing of “Noodle.” I truly believe that you have to be a Dog Loving Person & Family to truly understand what a loss of a “Best Friend & Side Kick” entails. Dogs give soooo much and only ask for soooo little in return; foremost Love & Praise, A good Meal and a warm or cool place to lie down after a hard day of prospecting with “HIS” Best Friend & Family. I will leave you with these words that all my Family & Friends tell me when they speak about the Love and Devotion between myself and my Bubber – Gunner. For I truly believe that the same fe
  3. Way to gooooo Hailey - Now you officially have "GOLD FEVER." Good luck in all your future nugget hunts and may "The Gold Gods" always bless you yellow in your "POKE."
  4. Looks like I am going to have to start saving my "Pennies" so I can afford to buy one of this "High Tech Nugget Grabbers."
  5. Chris, great video and nice to see that a Third-World Country and its people are prospering from a company like MineLab. It really "Frost My You Know What" when I hear that China is still the NUMBER-1 country still allowing their people/business to Knock-Off other companies products. Don't know if I ever told you, but several years ago I invented and developed a product here in the USA that did very well (Google - SPRINKLER Key-Hider) that went Global within 4-years. I can't began to tell you how much money I spent on attorney fees going after China and US Companies doing business with China
  6. Matt, I quoted 10 years on the possible age of the tailing pile due to the fact that I have been prospecting in this area for over 10-years and have walked by the tailings through-out all of these years. But, according to some of the older prospectors that have been prospecting in and around the same area that the tailing pile is located. Have informed me that they believe that the tailing pile is much older, as much as 20 years or more. So you are right, it is probably a lot older that I am giving it credit for. Especially for the amount of gold that I have pulled out of it thus far. Thu
  7. My New Best Friend - I know that this form is mostly about Nugget Hunting via Metal Detecting. But sometime it is nice to stray from our passion and try something new and different in the way we prospect for "GOLD." A couple of months ago I saw a YouTube video regarding a Mini-Sluice-Clean-Up-Sluice from Gold Hog in which Gold Hog states that there clean-up sluice will leave no Gold left behind after the clean-up process. **Oh Where Have I Heard These Words Spoken So May Times Before By Other Companies** Well, after watching their video I was impressed as to how the clean-up process worked and
  8. "WOW" Thank's to everyone who responded. Looks like this could turn into a "HORNETS NEST" of who's on first, who's on second and who's going to third with no one head for home plate. I've been prospecting in Rich Hill - Stanton for over 8-years now and have never ran into any problems accessing club claims. I hope that this is not going to be a on going future problem with resident claim owners vs club claim owners. I for one have enjoyed not only prospecting the area of Stanton - Rich Hill, but have very much enjoyed just getting on my quad and ridding the outback and enjoying nature at her
  9. Road Closure - Prospector's Locked Out - Decision Corner & Weaver Creek Chris can you share any additional info regarding this lock-out? Received this information in the July 2015 Roadrunner's Prospecting Club's News Letter. A problem has developed on the Rich Hill claims and I am therefore sending everyone a cautionary warning. The road where a left turn is made at “Decision Corner” on the Weaver Creek Road is now blocked with a gate with a “no trespassing” sign that the owners are en- forcing. We have had some members trying to get to our claims turned back with harsh word
  10. I hope that he went directly to his local lottery retailer when he got home and brought a Lottery Ticket.
  11. I have known Chris/AZO going on over 6yrs. now. I can attest without a doubt, Chris “Rocks” - “Not Related To Chris Rock The Comedian” when it comes to customer service and customer loyalty. I have spent may $$$$$$$$ with AZO and Chris has been their for me every inch of the way with his knowledge and expertise on all of his prospecting equipment product line that he carries. And if there is a product that you need and he does not carry/stock it. I can promise you that Chris will work his Nuggets - Off to either get it for you ASAP or he will go out of his way and find a competitor that offers
  12. "AMEN" I usually refer to California as Mexifornia to my out of state family and friends. Now I think I'll start referring to California in another term - Wacofrornia.
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