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  1. Ugh, enough already. They sure know how to squeeze this concept for every penny possible.
  2. So why just dig trenches to stop ATVs? If I had good patented ground I’d tear it up with the tractor.
  3. Looks like they are hiding some sweet cow water. You google earth pic isn’t blurred, it’s water in a cattle watering hole.
  4. Kelly, These nuggets have been a chore to clean. Started with vinegar for a few hours didnt put a dent in the oxidation so dumped them into CLR and still didnt clean them up. The largest piece is showing grey so hoping its got some silver content. A couple of the smaller pieces are showing a copper color. Taking them over to Bisbee tomorrow to see if a geologist friend of mine can clean them in some kind of acid. Would be cool if they had some silver content, the area I was searching is known for large chunks of silver. Kevin
  5. Took out my new Nugget Finder coil I ordered from AZO. Following a quartz vein for a half mile or so I encountered a patch of copper nuggets. Using the training I got from Mike Furness I was able to do a good clean up of the patch. Nuggets were found in a small wash and the bench above it. The Nugget Finder coil was awesome and had more depth and stability than the stock coil I normally use. Kevin
  6. Hello All, I have a question about the land use in Greaterville. Is the area that is closed to mineral entry ok to detect? Im unable to get a straight answer from people Ive asked down here in southern AZ. Ive purchased the footprints software for the area and read what is written in regards to the area closed to mineral entry, Im just curious if anyone here has detected in the area and have firsthand experience detecting the area. Kevin
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