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  1. http://firstnewz.ru/news/23358-hudshiy-krash-test-v-istorii-2016-y-stal-samym-provalnym-godom-zapadnogo-vpk.html

  2. http://anubi.ru/foto-prikoly-interesnoe/415-okulturennye-polineziycy-1960-h.html

  3. http://firstnewz.ru/news/2755-krasnoyarskenergosbyt-priglashaet-shkolnikov-na-zanyatiya-klassa-energosberezheniya.html

  4. http://anubi.ru/foto-prikoly-interesnoe/1163-puteshestvie-v-mir-hobbitov.html

  5. Here is a video someone took of Fain park.
  6. Cool pics Chris. Thanks for sharing. At least you missed our heat wave! It was toasty here. Tom H.
  7. Have a good one Chris. Enjoy the cool weather. Good luck to you up there. Tom H.
  8. To you also Chris! Tom H.
  9. Heck yah! Good find and good ears I can vouch for this as I run the same set up and it will find small solid nugs at that depth. Congrats! Tom H.
  10. Very nice!! Congrats :) Tom H.
  11. Nice score Chris Good on you for persevering to get your golden surprise. Tom H.
  12. Dern Chris! You need my size 13 boot and start getting rid of some of these spammers! Tom H.
  13. Tom H

    A good day out

    Very nice species and a solid one WTG on getting the gold. Tks for showing it. GL to you and hope you get more. Tom H.