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  1. Night Stalker

    Couple of Eagles Today

    Nice buttons I’d like to see the rifle brass as well, I enjoy that stuff
  2. Night Stalker

    What are they hiding?

    Looks like a pond
  3. Night Stalker

    Happy prospector - new finds!

    Gold sure is pretty
  4. Heading to Safford, AZ for work next week and thought I'd take a pan and shovel, anyone know of a place to pan a little bit?
  5. It's funny, been roaming around this desert pretty much my whole life and never seen a Gila monster in the wild. Seen mountain lion big horn sheep rattle snake and a lot of other wild life just never encountered a GMonster
  6. Ok no pics then it didnt happen. LOL Ok it did ill be nice
  7. Yep know all about it born and raised here in AZ. Been traipsing around this desert before I should have
  8. WoW this just took a whole new turn.
  9. I think the Gila Monster wants a pat on the head
  10. All good advice, but don't forget now a days the two legged predators out there that are up to no good as well.
  11. Night Stalker

    Got a claim, Now what?

    This has been a good thread to follow, I have been interested in claims just never took it to the next level. Thanks for posting all of it
  12. Night Stalker

    Thanksgiving gold

    Congrats, I had to work, but at least I'm working
  13. Night Stalker

    Head Phones

    Yes I meant ear buds, and thanks for the advice. I'm just starting to look into this any advice helps
  14. Night Stalker

    Head Phones

    That brings up a good point, Having trouble in the left ear with high frequencies, To many bangs in the Army. Any HP to help me with this
  15. I understand HPhones are important when detecting but will any HP work? What about using earplugs?