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  1. delnorter

    Beautiful lil' Specimen

    Wow indeed, a truly beautiful piece. Mike
  2. I’ve recieved my copy. A very good book. I’m still studying it. Mike
  3. delnorter

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Happy New Year to you and yours as well Chris. Thank you for the fine forum and all the great members. Mike
  4. Merry Christmas Chris and all the AZO family. Mike
  5. Great post Gerard. Really interesting history. Post often about the what-nots of our finds. Mike
  6. delnorter

    Backyard Surprise!

    Enjoy the bull snake Chris, but stay alert for the rattlers regardless. Mike
  7. delnorter

    Back from Mexico!

    What a nice vacation Chris. It’s good to hear you felt comfortable taking your family to the interior of Mexico. Did you arrange the trip through an agency or research and plan yourself? Mike
  8. delnorter

    Equinox Relic Hunt

    Really nice finds bado1. Which Equinox are you and Terry using? 600 or 800? Mike
  9. delnorter

    Dry-Washing for Gold!

    Really nice to see some drywash gold Chris. Could you ask your friends to tell us a little more about their dry washing equipment. I want to try dry mining this summer. I’ve never done this myself. Thanks Chris and Daine, Mike
  10. delnorter

    Happy Holidays from AZO

    Merry Christmas Chris and all the AZO family. Our tree and a couple knife sharpeners I’m making for my sons.
  11. Real nice hunt Chis, can’t be much betterthan finding gold in your T-shit. Mike
  12. Thanks Chris, I am thankful. Life is good. Have a great day all my detector and prospecting friends. Mike
  13. Wow, what a great nugget. I’ll bet that made his heart skip a beat. Mike
  14. When I was still land surveying some years ago, I seem to recall there was a separate fee charged on the recording of property (land parcels) here in California, which was supposed to be use for the restoration of property (land) corners. I think the monies were to be used by the county surveyor/grandfathered engineer or to hire a private professional surveyor to restore property corners destroyed by government actions like, road building and maintenance, other construction. I believe this also included government land corners which may help the county or state in their administration of certain land issues. Lipca? Mike
  15. Did anyone hear if there has been a winner. I had a pretty good story and would like to hear others. Mike