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  1. Good morning. No nuggets yesterday but the skunk brought me some lead, a boot tack and a cool little threaded knob. It was down about a foot and sure sounded like gold. It’s not ferris metal and I haven’t given it the scratch test yet. I don’t have a clue what it might be from. Anyone have an idea? Thanks Dick Ward
  2. Hello Chris, A friend of mine found a similar chunk in the Quartzsite area. Another friend found and slabbed the pictured piece in the Gold Basin area. I too would like to know what kind of rock it is.
  3. Hummmmm Yes, very interesting but I too would have to pass.
  4. Yep, the GPX 7000 is too heavy and too expensive but It sure does a great job of finding gold.
  5. I really like those Chris. If you find out more about them please post. It’s still too darn hot for me to get out and detect.
  6. A little 1/2 gram nugget gets me going and makes my day! I don’t give a hoot how many atoms it has.
  7. Social distancing at its very best!! Way to go, beautiful bunch of nuggets.
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