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  1. You can get on the country recorder site and the assessor site, look up the parcel number, and an address for who pays taxes is listed. If contacted, the owner may grant you access. I really don't think an affordable drone has a distance of 3/4 mile. Also, I agree with the cattle watering hole complete with the little channel dug to fill it. I think the coloring can be how deep the water is. I've seen plastic lined ponds in the northeast of Arizona, so perhaps that is why the water is stagnant green. Would be a fun mystery to solve.
  2. I'm going to say agree with mike on the price range $1100 to $1300. Perhaps like low and slow said, the sources of new gold are getting harder to find, but I think demand for gold jewelry will go down as the four other precious metals (Platinum, palladium, iridium, and rhodium) become more popular in jewelry production. I've seen a bunch of wedding rings with the more recently married couples that are not made of gold, but other metals. Many jewelry companies are launching lines of those other than gold jewelry. I really also believe people are not investing in precious metals for times of
  3. As much as I'd like to see him receive the bill, if he's using a carabiner that breaks and no back up and repelling with cowboy boots, I really doubt he could afford to pay for either the rescue or the hospital bill. If he was airlifted out, the helo ride alone is $1,000 per minute of flight time. The bill would disappear into debt collector purgatory never to be seen again. This would probably be a thing where the county spends thousands to prosecute the case and receives nothing in return. I'm really surprised there's not more of these accidents. I've been looking at old tailing pil
  4. Did not play for me. Could be my computer. Been having to open things in different browsers, Chrome, Edge, and Explorer. Usually that fixes these issues.
  5. Nice Nuggets. It's pretty red. I wonder what the other metals are. Also Beat up like it traveled great distances. I hope its got some friends waiting to be found.
  6. Only time I wore and needed my gators and saw a rattler was the first time. I was walking before well before dawn and I think I kicked him walking. He scurried off rattling one direction and I scurried off just as fast the other direction. I had just bought the set when the week prior I was out detecting with my son and a rattler bit at his detector. Never needed them for snakes since, but the thorns do not penetrate.
  7. If that's a 0-30 PSI gauge, I may be able to use it. Looks the same size as the one that just broke on me.
  8. Apparently, you can enter a claim holders name in, and if the person has not paid, it will appear here with the amount owed. https://payp.blm.gov/epp-mc/search.do Just found out about this and I am thinking of adding this to my list of claims to look at. I don't think I will go out until the BLM officially closes the claim. They can be months late on updating the database, so the claim reflecting not paid only means that the BLM has processed the forms and check, it does not mean that person has not paid the current year unless the claim reflects closed. The BLM canbe months late.
  9. Never could find a good answer on that, so I'm waiting on Clay's response. I do want to piggyback on that question: When a person buys an existing claim of greater than 20 acres, does it need a different person signing for each of the 20 acres? I believe the answer is a single person can purchase, but a single person filing on a 40 acre claim he bought told me the BLM was trying to take it away. I also have trouble finding one of the claims that has been bought without a signature for each of the 40 acres.
  10. That is a large amount of water moving and that drone has some range on it.
  11. For Sale: Gold Genie: $350 OBO Eliminator Reverse Helix Trommel: $3500 OBO PM for details. Located Central Arizona. West Valley.
  12. Now that is excitement. Other countries do not take as much interest in aviation safety as we do. One of the planes delivering supplies to us overseas was leaking some fuel out of the wing, so one of the crew steps out in shorts and flip flops while smoking a cigarette and puts a bucket under the wing to catch the fuel. Turned out modern AVGAS is not as explosive as the movies make it out, at least not that day.
  13. If you are going to get a PI, I recommend you go with the most expensive Minelab you can afford. Otherwise, you'll just be selling it in a few months to get a better one. Also, many better experts than me, but there will come a time, soon, where Minelab can't service the old ones if something goes wrong.
  14. Thanks Clay. After two months I've finally got LR2000 to work again by going to your link.
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