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  1. I am asking $1800.00 for the TF-900 + 1-Pipe Tracer Unit + Arc-Geo Recorder as a package deal. Separately or Each is as follows! $850.00 for TF-900 $1000.00 for TF-900 + 1-Pipe Tracer Unit $975.00 for Arc-Geo Logger -- MSRP is $1395.00 at LRLMan.com site. $300.00 for 1-Pipe Tracer Unit. Shipping and Insurance is included in price above ONLY for Lower 48 USA. Send me your address for shipping info. All are New in Box and Never Used, no batteries were installed and units wasn't turned on by me. Just opened on receipt and checked for shipping damage, and all the parts and pieces there, th
  2. Discovery Electronics TF900 Pipe Trace Unit. $400.00 1. Special 73.5 khz Search Coil, that is attached to a TF900 Detector. 2. Control Box ie. Transmitter with color coded leads + Red - Black with Clips and a set of Instructions. This Sale DOES NOT include the "TF900 Detector", this sale ONLY Includes the "Pipe Trace Unit". The literature says the unit has a Depth range of 6'-10'and a trace distance from the Signal Injection Point of 200' to 300'. In my experience you would NEED a GOOD set of Head Phones to achieve the distances. I have used the unit in 2000 to trace 1 mile of 4"
  3. Barry, if you know about Electronics and don't have any money then I suggest that you go to Carl's site; http://www.geotech1.com/cgi-bin/pages/common/index.pl?page=main&file=main.dat Check out the projects and his HammerHead PI project its pretty much a "Stuff the Board and Go project" Also Try Chemelec; http://www3.telus.net/chemelec/ Gary has some Very Succesfull Detector Projects avaiable on his site. Some even compare in depth and sensitivity to the low end VLF's and PI's. PS most all the Major Detector Manufactures will fix an out of Warrenty detector for jus
  4. Dave here is the ADDR of the place to get single and duel speaker systems. http://www.arizonaoutback.com/azoroot/shop/category.aspx?catid=7 hope this helps Sincerely Bill Adams
  5. Thanks Chris, for your consideretion and thoughts! Bill Adams 62nd Eng Btln, 501st LCC(Land Clearing Company)Republic of Veitnam. April 69- Sept 69 Cut down 900ac jungle a day/45 days at a time then did 14 day standdown in Long Bien. for those who are interested that is 1 Mile wide x 1.5 Miles long. 94th Eng Det (Quarry)Republic of Veitnam. Sept 69- March 69 just blasted, crushed, hauled rock/gravel for the roads in Nam.
  6. Dave the dual speaker system is 2 speakers mounted to the front shoulder straps of a standard battery carrying harness. It is the same as the Stereo headphones you would use normally. The speakers do not use the curly cord they use a standard 1/4" stereo jack like on the headphones. I have sold the speakers, harness, and amphliyer to Frank who PM'ed me yeasterday about them. The Detector is sold also to a friend of his. As everyone knows this is the 2nd time I listed this package in 3 weeks. I still have the coils left and would take offers on them if anyone is interested. in your PM you
  7. Thanks Wonderer, thats what I thought it was but didn't know for sure. I did check deputynrc's profile and he hasn't set his email address yet. Where can I load the PICS for the GB2???
  8. Borderboy, I would like to talk with you somemore maybe over the phone if you would like? Just send me an email with your # and I'll call you back today or tommorow Afternoon or evening? Sincerely Bill Adams
  9. Nuggethunter, I am an out of work old Ironworker/construction worker. I don't know if I'll be able to get down there, but I have to do my due diligance and research on the area so it is avaiable when I can. I need to talk with folks who are hunting in the area to learn the customs and cultural/social norms for the area. This keeps me from unknowingly stepping on peoples toes when in a NEW AREA. I would be interested in carrying on a dialogue with prospectors over email if you aren't willing to use the forum posting format. Sincerely Bill Adams
  10. I live in WA state and am planning on staying in the Coronado NF South of Arivica but don't know if I can make it this year. I was going to hunt for a Lost Silver Mine near there. I haven't done any more than just started recon work on this project. I live and work by myself as I have for the last 40 years. I have had bad experiences with partners, both the working and domestic kind. I use Geologic Maps and GeoChemical sampling methods to narrow an area and then bring in my GoldSpear to trace back to the vein/outcrop and then use my PI and VLF machines to recover the wild metal.
  11. deputynrc; I don't know what PM means, I left my email address for people to contact me just substitute the AT for @ and the DOT for . and it will come through alright. I check my quarenteened mail all the time. Sincerely Bill Adams PS you don't have a email address to send a message to.
  12. Anybody have any Personal experience and/or info on hunting near the Border.
  13. SOLD Thanks everyone for looking and responding. Sincerley Bill Adams AKA "Lost Adams"
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