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  1. Like new Fits Minelab factory battery $40.00 Pickup outside Kingman Az Or will box and ship. Reply here , PM here Hapy Huntn.
  2. Well a new to me 9x15 NF Advantage (Thanks Chris !) on the GPX4500 gave me the "nod" to go ahead an dig these 3 nug"lets" out of a small drainage Past the scattered hot rocks, thru the dried slough on top, into the red iron rich decomposed hard pack granite well below the surface. Total weight is 1.1 gram. A nice heart shaped "cornflake" and 2 rock "ettes" . I'm not getn out as much as I used to, BUT its like that Toby Keith song , I ain't as good as I once wuz ! But I'm as good once as I ever wuz ! After this outing I know a nice "biggie" is out there waiting for me to swing over her
  3. Fred was ill for quite some time, that's why he hadn't made the trips he loved to do. He grew weaker as the months passed, wrenched ill health, bad lungs etc. we carried on with messages back an forth "soldiering up" as he would instruct me to do ! He just didn't have the strength to come to Az. as he wanted and tried a few times. I enjoyed his friendship for many years. He left a big impression on my soul.
  4. To all it may concern Fred Mason passed away this morning. Great guy helped a lot of people throught the years I'd know him since 05. Sad news.
  5. Make sure whoever sets it up is putting a "link" to store on the top of page somewhere so its ez to to find.
  6. SOLD !!!! Steal of a deal here, new in box (never fired up) with everything that comes with it Powermate PM2200iSuitcase style inverter generator.IF YOU WANT MORE INFO GOOGLE "Powermate PM2200i"1ST $300 in my hand takes it.EXCELLENT for prospecting trips and camping.Reply here or Call me NO TEXTS/DATA on this number 928 303 8474 Frank.
  7. I have searched "surplus center" and other outlets and cannot find the motor with bracket. I have found just the motors but without bracket. I searched ebay also but did not find any. They were not windshield wiper motors as most people thought. I will suggest an avenue of repair, which would be to make a new one out of suitable thickness metal. It should not be difficult to reproduce. Also, isn't it possible to remove and weld the fatigued stamped steel piece ?
  8. Very good stuff ! I also have worked on a team to educate school children in the joys of prospecting, it is fun and satisfying to watch their faces !
  9. Looking for a pair of Detector Pro Black Widows Please message me if you have some to sell or possibly trade ?? ============= FOUND A PAIR 3/10/19 ================
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