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  1. To All Mining Claim Holders: I called the County of Nevada, California regarding the recording of the BLM Affidavit of Annual Assessment Form. They informed me that if I do not write or declare "GC 27388.1 (a) (1); not related to real property" on the front of my Assessment form that it would result in a $75.00 fee. Please contact your respective counties to check this out. Happy Detecting, Mike
  2. To All, I have a GPX4000 which works fine but I am considering having it "modded"; "improved performance through customized electronics". Can someone share their experiences with having their GPX modded and who did the work? Should I have my GPX modded? Thank You, Mike Northern California
  3. Gold Bug Pro in excellent condition,10” coil, lightly used, works like new. $325. Pm me if interested. Mike
  4. Thanks all for the replies. Good Luck and keep swinging. Btw, found with an ol' Coiltek mini evo 17"x 10"? coil and a GP3000. The old stuff still works good, you just gotta be the first one to swing over it.LOL
  5. Hi All, I know many people find a lot of gold out there but don't share for good reason but this was my best day out detecting so I thought I'd share my finds. The nugget is 9.2 grams. Happy Holidays : )
  6. Went out yesterday with a GP3000 that had been "moded" and setup with a Sadie coil. I recently purchased it from Trinityau and it works great. Thanks, Ray
  7. Hi All, I have a lightly used Gold Bug Pro, I bought this but hardly use it. Its in good condition. $450 or 14.0 grams of clean gold o.b.o. ( I only get 80% of spot price where I sell my gold). PM me if interested. Mike
  8. Thanks for the responses. I'm discovering that Amador and Calaveras counties are much more restictive for public land access then what I'm am used to in Placer and Nevada counties.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I do have hunting maps on my Garmin GPS, it is a couple of years old. I will look into "minecache"
  10. Any suggestions, I recently moved to Jackson, CA which is in Amador County. I have read a lot of old mining books and have purchased the proper BLM map for the area but I am having trouble finding a place to detect for gold. Its mostly hard rock mines here and all on private property. I know its a lot to ask but if anyone can suggest an old hammered out spot in either Amador or Calaveras County, I would appreciate the help. PM me if you prefer rather then post it. Thanks in advance, Mike
  11. Sold this coil to a real nice guy, Sharp Rock Jerry. Call me anytime Jerry if you want to detect my claim in Nevada County. Mike
  12. Hi All, I have a 1-year old Nugget Finder Evolution 12" mono Coil for sale. Purchased from Chris at AZO. Its in good shape and I just put on a new coil cover. Price:$250 (new $429) Mike
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