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  1. https://www.google.com/search?q=vintage+green+reflector&sxsrf=ALeKk022fJn2KBCke_eJDlO80pd9OxgkAQ:1601163666750&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi9tdW8_4fsAhWNHjQIHSDJDBMQ_AUoAnoECAsQBA&biw=1420&bih=955#imgrc=swx-ko67gRjDPM close?
  2. Siskiyou county does not tax 20 acre claims but I get a "property tax" bill on all my claims that are over 20 acres. As I recall, they put a $5000 value on most of my claims.
  3. Mike, that may have been a county fee? I don't remember a fee specifically for that. Could have been.
  4. The two forums that Jim Foley has... the Alaska Gold Forum and The New 49ers Forum have gone down permanently. This was beyond his control. He will be working on setting up new forums.
  5. You could get confused with their definitions too: What is considered a “Parcel of Real Property”? A: A parcel is defined, for the purposes of interpretation of new Government Code Section 27388.1 as: ”a contiguous piece of land of any size that is in one ownership.” The parcel is described by its individual legal description. My claims are in multiple ownerships.
  6. No complaints... just wondering. Do you have to keep paying on them to keep them?
  7. Just curious, is this a business of yours selling "dot com" names? or are these your old sites? Not familiar with it.
  8. Great video! Nice looking ground and bedrock........ I'm sure that there has to be more good gold there. Was that on your claim or open ground?
  9. Wonder why I picked it up anyway?? Must of just been on Google somewhere..... And didn't look at date.
  10. $10,000 for 15 minutes?? Wish it were closer... BTW, link does not work.
  11. Signed in to say ditto.... am signing out now until spam goes away...
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