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  1. Sierra County, CA Gold Ore: Milled up at Tomas Zubicek Mill in Humbug Mining District of Northern California.


    I drove the Samples to The Mill - location In the heart of the Humbug Mining District in Northern California. Filming, Tomas Zubicek's Consolidated Mining and Mill Operation..

  2. Small Scale Mining Classification & Gravity Separation with Tomas Zubicek

    On location In the heart of the Humbug Mining District in Northern California. Filming, Tomas Zubicek's Consolidated Mining and Mill Operation..

  3. How we found LARGER gold nuggets !!!!

    Wie wir grössere Goldnuggets gefunden haben

    Schwendi is a friend... Who lives in Switzerland, where he first started finding gold... and today he continues his travels globally to exercise his natural born talents in prospecting and finding more gold... Schwendi is also,  is a really nice guy and an his videos are masterpieces as he also is an Incredible Cinematographer & wonderful story teller...  

    I Hope you enjoy his shared knowledge, adventures and talents and Also Subscribe to his videos! 



    Discover with Schwendi



  4. Possibly off an old battery post > "Very High Technology from the 1850's"... from a telegraph or other old Edison battery powered device? It is most likely made from brass or copper.
  5. I checked Their website... and it is dead.... http://www.arizonagoldmoments.com so their Club must be history.... Like lots of sites long gone... still have old out of date links published on Youtube... This link http://www.arizonagoldmoments.com goes nowhere.... But, thanks for posting it though... Very Best of Regards, Gerard
  6. Very nice find Chris! Not a thing a prospector or geologist would want to lose ~ back in the day. Thinking about the day when he lost it.... he probably would of kept his loupe in a safe and secure pocket.... that said.... He also could of lost his poke along with his loupe!!!! Maybe it deserves another trip for second look in the area Chris?
  7. Hi Chris, My First Guess... it looks like low quality (1) Nephrite Jade or (2) Chalcedony . very similar... in many ways... is there Asbestos deposits in the area? I also notice what looked like some hydrothermal stratification (layering) in the left edge of your photo... maybe (3) Agate Moss Agate? All in all... my first guess is probably closest ... The tables below gives you something to work with... to test your sample... All the best. Gerard (1) Nephrite Jade: ======================================== Chemical Formula Neph
  8. Merry Christmas to you Chris and your family too! Hoping for better times ahead for everyone out there.... Even if.... everything around us continues to (go south) as we have all witnessed this year... One thing that I do know 100% for sure...Is that when I am out prospecting surrounded in the vastness of nature’s beauty.... Regardless of all the Worlds self induced problems Greed, Wars & GreatReset Pandemic Lockdowns... When.. I am Outside Standing with my Detector and my pick in hand.... I am a million miles away from all of that Ugliness & Corruption !!!! Surro
  9. Very Nice solid water worn creek nuggets!!! Looks just like the gold I was getting back when I was dredging!!! That Sadie is a sweet & powerful coil on a GPX !!!
  10. Looks like Christmas Came early this year!!! Ho Ho Ho!!! well done!
  11. Yes in deed!!!! Sweet Beautiful Nuggets !!!! Nice Job!!!! !!!!
  12. Chris, Very cool!!! I know... in some mines tokens were used by miners to show they were inside the mine.......They might also have done that in industrial factories too! They would be put the tag on a peg board where the Portal, time-clock or in the Dry-room. to see who was in there if cave in or some other disaster happened... What you have there ...could be the work history of one miner... nice find! Gerard
  13. I have never used the Minelab 8” Mono coil.... but I have used the 11” but now that I think about it some more.....that 11" was a Minelab DD coil and But I liked the 11” the best out of all my Minelab Coils even the Monos All my Minelab mono coils are collecting dust... The Minelab coils are rather heavy.... But honestly, if the issue is sensitivity? The stock Minelab coils still don’t even come close compare with the "Coiltek Elite Coils on the GPX 4500. My Round Elite 14” will hit a fly speck sized 0.04 Au at 4 -5 inches and it sounds as loud as a 22 cal lead. With that coil..
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