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  1. Gold Nuggets

    Congratulations Norm!

    SWEET! congrats on a great find Norm.......
  2. Well done Terry! Some individual pics of the keepers would be sweet..... after you get done with the site, of course.
  3. Gold Nuggets

    Couple of Eagles Today

    nice recoveries....not too many of those around anymore........especially in AZ.
  4. Gold Nuggets

    Don't carry in VA on your AZ permit..

    I had a gut-feeling that this would probably happen........thanks Jen.
  5. Gold Nuggets

    Merry Christmas Gold Bugs

    That was nice Jen...and Merry Christmas to you and yours...
  6. Gold Nuggets

    Finding Her First Nugget!

    The seed for gold nugget fever has now officially been planted....congrats on the first.
  7. Gold Nuggets

    Nokta New Kid On The Block

    Glad to hear that customer service on some detectors is getting a lot more "customer and service" driven. Hopefully, more manufacturers of detectors and peripherals will follow suit.
  8. thanks for the info clay.......got access to blm lr2000 so will check it out. BLM has been getting some really bad press and a lot of social media attention here recently, so wouldn't doubt that access might be restricted. Thanks again.......
  9. With the economy like it is, Christmas right around the corner and the impending monetary crash on the 16th of December....people are not buying a lot of bigger ticket items......especially for hobby or recreation purposes. They could be hurting......maybe just a little bit?
  10. I can't access the specified URL according to my computer's message. Do you have a direct link available? That article is one I definately want to read!
  11. Gold Nuggets

    Over $1 Million Found

    Even though they won't get the total value of their find, It was still a great vacation.... one that the family will probably never forget. SWEET!
  12. Gold Nuggets

    beware when out

    Be safe BOB......
  13. Totally awesome pictures and video. TNX for sharing the link.
  14. Here's a link to the article....not sure very many folks would be interested in mining this stuff. Feces contains gold worth millions