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  1. Has anyone heard of the Rich Hill Gold Hunters Club? Rob and Chris are pictured on the site. Membership is $300.00 per year and their mailing address is in Morristown. Their email is richhillgoldhunters@arizonagoldmoments.com . I stumbled upon this site while looking for youtube videos by Brian Wilder and Toby Walker.
  2. Thanks Frank. I have a good friend who has welded it twice for me. Hopefully it will last. I will never trade this ol yeller I have. It has brought me a lot of gold. You made a great machine and as long as I am able this ol yeller is going to find me a lot more gold. Heavy pans Frank C
  3. Looking for a motor mount for an Ol Yeller drywasher. The drywasher has a windshield wiper motor that runs the drywasher and mine has developed cracks from heavy use. Does any one know where to get used or new parts for this drywasher? Nuggethunter1950
  4. Hi newriverblake, I called him and he doesn't make them any more. I will have to settle for a used one if I can find one. Nuggethunter1950
  5. Too bad you don't still have it. I am still looking for one..Nuggethunter1950
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