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  1. LukeJ

    The Equinox

    Nice finds Dean. Definitely looking forward to what else will be turned up with the Equinox in the next few months. I'm hoping to score some nuggets with it here soon.... Luke
  2. I'd dig twice the trash for that beauty !!
  3. LukeJ

    A Golden New Year!

    Now that's some nice gold. Congrats and Happy New Year !! Luke
  4. Get em' while you can, Gary.... Once I'm able to 'retire', you'd better believe I'm going to be out there digging up everything you didn't. Congrats on some well deserved finds. Luke
  5. GPX 4500 is the way to go. If Chris has a used one, I'd really look into that. Good Luck.
  6. Hey all... I was able to get out for a Friday morning hunt. I went back to an 'old' spot and tried out my new 15" Evo. After a couple hours of going real slow over a couple old patches, I started to just do some 'regular' detecting. After awhile, I stuck the coil under the right bush and got a trashy signal. It turned out to be the larger of the two nuggets at .27g. Then a couple hours later, I got a distinct signal down in the wash, but up on one side. It was about six inches down. I was a bit surprised to see it was smaller than the first one. I'm liking the Evo so far.... No lunkers today, but I'll take what I can get. Thanks to Chris for shipping my coil out so quickly. It even arrived the next day !! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !! Luke
  7. LukeJ

    Tried a new spot

    No gold, but still great finds. With that kind of stuff left to be found, at least you know the area wasn't 'hunted out'. That axe head would have been the 'jackpot' you were looking for... Better luck next time. Luke
  8. Looks like fun !! I might have to check out that club.... Luke
  9. I went onto the AZO website to look for the 'Freedom System' and couldn't find it. Is it listed on the site? If so, where? .....and how much? Thanks, Luke
  10. Some nice finds for a few short hours. Looks to be a very 'sootable' place for detecting. Luke
  11. Nice find !! I'm glad you know what you're looking at, because I wouldn't be able to tell what it is. Luke
  12. Nice finds !! There's bound to be more... Have you run any other detectors over that ground previously? Luke
  13. I'd be curious about the depths too..... Congrats to the finder !! Luke
  14. Wow !! Congratulations to the finder.
  15. Oh, it's plenty hot right now. 118F last Friday. But, the storms are coming, and we'll be turning the corner and better weather is just a few months away.