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  1. Wow nice one. Just need to line up the sun and shadows and orbit of the moon in Google Earth to try and figure out where its from!
  2. Lots of cobble in that hole too, doesn't look like virgin, hardpack clay. Might have been dug in some old diggings. Kinda looks like the ground was churned up before.
  3. Where's it uncommon to find 1/4 ouncers?? Got GPS coordinates?
  4. One thing I've read is that the concentric circles are a calendar. Each time the family or tribe migrated to that area they add a ring to the carving. The ancient indians in this region where nomadic, they'd typically have lands they'd populate in the summer and in the winter. So the circles might be four different seasons or years that occurred when those people passed through that area. I've read that large spiral rings which I've found out in the desert are supposed to be an indication of water but that doesn't appear to be what that is. As far as the other symbols your guess is as best as
  5. Those are some big chunks. Wonder whats up with the "mascot" thing in the pics
  6. You da man Luke. Great shooting. A good VLF with iron discrimination could open up so many gold fields. I've been tempted many, many times to pick up another VLF just so I can wade through a couple piles of iron trash I know about in some good gold-bearing country.
  7. Nice. Didn't know the nuggets grew that big in that neck of the woods!
  8. Yeah that looks pretty bad. Atleast here in Arizona you can cut the brush down or break branches and stuff off. That manzanita would require a chainsaw.
  9. He probably knew he was on to something good and dug the last few inches out by hand. That's what I do to keep from whacking anything with the pick. They sure got funky looking gold out there in Australia sometimes but that's a really nice score.
  10. Amazing to see there's big ones still left out there.
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