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  1. Video of young TV gold show prospector & the big bucks he made. But, they leave out the real question on his NET take! TV Gold prospector interview
  2. This is a 4k video I did the week before Thanksgiving on a prospecting trip near the American Girl gold mine in California using a drone with a GoPro Hero4 Black camera attached: California prospectors drone
  3. It's not that they don't know enough not to rattle, actually it's the reverse! A few years back I heard a zoology expert say that recent studies seem to indicate that more rattlesnakes were not rattling because the ones that did rattle many times ended up dead, and therefore were eliminated from the rattlesnake gene pool.
  4. Video of latest passed measure to keep gold dredging out of California: California gold dredging
  5. First, let me say this is a great idea to protect your best friend. But, living here in San Diego, California (where the politicians pander to the wacko left), snake avoidance training has been banned! Yes, believe it or not animal-rights groups said this type of training was too stressful on the rattlesnakes! Luckily, the ordinance is effective only in the city of San Diego and not the County. Here are some further details: As you may or may not know rattlesnake aversion training for dogs has come under fire from animal rights activists in San Diego County. Earlier this year a complaint was registered with San Diego county animal services regarding the use of rattlesnakes to train dogs to avoid snakes, the complaint was that it is cruel and stressful to the snakes. Because of the complaint animal services has begun enforcing an ordinance in the county that prohibits the possession of venomous reptiles. Animal services has contacted the aversion trainers and told us we can no longer offer this service and said in no uncertain terms that we will be cited if we continue. Sounds crazy doesn't it? The authorities would rather have many dozens of dogs it each year that inflict some possible stress on rattlesnakes! Okay, if you stopped laughing now, be on guard for copycat legislation in your location. Once one wacko group has success with legislation like this is quickly passed on to their counterparts throughout the country. Oh, by the way, where still not allowed to dredge for gold in California!
  6. My Phantom can go 800 -1,000' before it loses the signal. With some easy modifications to the transmit and receive antennas a number of people have exceeded 5,000 feet with their Phantoms. Slightly larger units with six and eight motors are used by many professional photographers to carry single lens reflex cameras. A couple of local law enforcement agencies are considering mounting infrared units on the small drones to help locate missing or lost people. My little drone can stay aloft for approximately 20 min. on a single battery charge and I always have two batteries with me. Also, they can travel about 25 to 30 mi./h. Lastly, it's a kick in the ass to fly!
  7. Video - Putting my DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus to use to save time out in the field. Watch the video at: Gold Prospecting Drone
  8. After an approximate 30% drop in the price of gold, it looks like the gold market may be stabilizing. If you follow the gold market, you might be interested in a couple of recent post that I did relating to the future direction of the precious metal. gold price outlook
  9. Today, the Dow Jones index dropped 318 points, yet, the spot gold price increased by eight dollars per ounce and closed at $1270. Looks like spot gold may have formed a double bottom ... read the full post at: http://www.california-gold-rush-miner.us/california-gold-rush-miner/
  10. My take on the gold price outlook for 2014 and the reasons why: So far for 2013 as we head into the last few weeks of the year, the stock market has had a great recovery (but as I write this it is off triple digits & under 16,000) and the real estate market has also had a substantial rebound. Unfortunately, for gold investors 2013 has been a disaster! . . . Read the full story at: Gold price forecast 2014
  11. Worth the read ... what a future Thanksgiving Day may look like
  12. MEMORIAL DAY 2013 VIEW VIDEO We owe our freedoms to the sacrifice made by our nation’s veterans.