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  1. Chris, You are right. Reese put a great deal of effort into his book and it came out beautifully. I have my copy and your customers should not hesitate to purchase one. Bugler
  2. Thank you Chris! I couldn't make out which detector you were using. It looked like a 4500 or 5000. I don't think it was the Z. Am I mistaken? Bugler
  3. Thank you for sharing, Chris. Those are beautiful pictures and great memories for your family.
  4. Chris, Just want to say a big thank you for the outstanding service you provided on my order placed late Friday. I received it Monday up here in Montana. Bugler
  5. Terry, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Each time I file a Plan of Operations the Forest Service worries about me digging a hole.....how wide and how deep? While the entire forest around me is dying due to neglect. It is time that each state manages the lands within its border. Bugler
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