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Got out to do a bit of nugget detecting the other day with a friend at an area that had been ground sluiced in the old days. He got a few nice nuggets and I got this golden corn flake - it weighs 3 pennyweight, or right at 4.7 grams, 0.15 ounces. It was within an inch of the surface and I thought for sure it was a bullet, but as I was looking through my sorting cup for a bullet, but found this nice nugget instead!


We were both using Minelab PI units as the ground was medium hot with some hot rocks. It was so shallow, and large enough that any detector would have found that nugget. In unworked areas like that there are always some easy pickings nuggets. If I went back, honestly I might use a VLF because of the trash there - lots of square nails and bits of tin. A fair number of bullets too, but you cant discriminate those.


It was a beautiful day in the Sierra. The location was a bit trashy, and a small part of the mining area had since been used for target practice, but hardly a dig hole was to be seen anywhere (and the few to be seen were from my friend on his one previous visit to that location). I was clearly the first to put my coil over that exact spot where the corn flake gold was. Don't let anyone tell you that everyplace with gold has been already hammered with a detector, because its just not true. The well known spots have been hammered, but if you get out and explore, there are still places where you can be the first to check it out.


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Chris ... Very nice flatty! Great job!!! Mike F

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Nice nugget, wish it was abit cooler, I'd try to outdo ya, but ain't gonna happen, so Good on You! Shep

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