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Well it had been a week since i swung last so i headed out for a fix!Found 10 or so pieces of copper,cleaned this one up some cuz it looked interesting.post-46604-0-24971900-1374207655_thumb.jpg I LOVE THE FERN PATTERNS!post-46604-0-89536300-1374207706_thumb.jpg Here's the other side.post-46604-0-94909100-1374207756_thumb.jpg Hope you enjoy it as much as i do>>SWING LOW AND SLOW>>>KELLY

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Frank what i like best is lime away it leaves them more copper color than pink.Muradic acid the stuff used to clean pools works probably best especialy on tough ones.Working with acids is dangerous you need to take care in handling.You need to neutralize the acid when done cleaning,baking soda works for this or with limeaway a long freshwater rinsewill do the trick.I soaked this one in a bowl of limeaway and a little water inch deep on the copper side over night.And a lite scrub with toothbrush,the copper was oxidized black when i started. SWING IT >>KELLY

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Thanks Kelly.

Yeah I use the muratic sometimes on nuggets when they have a caliche coating or spots.



Ur gonna die.....:)

Acids are very useful if handled correctly. Just make sure you use your rubbers and do it outside with face protection when pouring...and always have a hose or faucet close buy ....just in case.

I use pool acid (hydrochloric) to clean my nugs also. Dissolves anything alkaline quite rapidly. So does Sulfuric but it will not take off iron stains.

Hydrofluoric is the bomb...but very nasty if you dont know what your doing with it. I wouldnt recommend it.

Need a special antidote to stop it if you get it on your skin.

I wonder how many people would use muriatic acid in thier pool if it was labeled by its active ingredient? hydrochloric acid....

Tom H.

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