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Thanks all! Well, I started off on a mission to explore some higher drainages above a patch I have been working. I picked a drainage adjacent and detected my way up to the top of mountain. At the top I skirted the ridge line to the next drainage and started down that one. I learned a connection on the geography that was a bonus. By the time I got back down to the flattening slopes I was quite tired. Had about 30 pieces of lead and brass in my pocket...and who knows how much poison oak. I was done! Just started walking back. Going down a trail I happened to come upon I noticed lots of quartz in a small area. There was a vein maybe 8" in diameter coming out of the hillside on the high side of the trail. I then saw a shallow trench going uphill pretty much above the vein...I thought perhaps the vein had thrown nuggets since it looked worked, not natural. I detected the trench and both sides. Nothing. I decided to go a bit wider. It was approx. 6' off the vein roughly 18" off the trail that I got a good zip zip :)

I checked my display and it looked as good as it sounded so I dug. 3-4" down and I could see the golden colored knurled edge of a coin. Instant warm feeling inside and a big smile. Picked it up and was blown away. Having just read a post on the coin hunter side of this forum I knew it was better than a nugget. It looks flawless without having cleaned the back.

Good luck all! You never know if you don't go..:)

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