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My New Best Friend - I know that this form is mostly about Nugget Hunting via Metal Detecting. But sometime it is nice to stray from our passion and try something new and different in the way we prospect for "GOLD." A couple of months ago I saw a YouTube video regarding a Mini-Sluice-Clean-Up-Sluice from Gold Hog in which Gold Hog states that there clean-up sluice will leave no Gold left behind after the clean-up process. **Oh Where Have I Heard These Words Spoken So May Times Before By Other Companies** Well, after watching their video I was impressed as to how the clean-up process worked and how great the recovery was for retaining Gold. So yep, you got it, I placed my order and ordered up one of these babies to see for myself if the machine worked as the company guaranteed that it would. (Per God Hog this particular Clean-Up Sluice comes with a FULL 30-day money back guarantee). Well Guys & Gals, long story short - This Baby Really Rocks. I just finished running 18-Buckets of material through the"Gold Hog" Clean-Up mini-sluice yesterday and though I would share the results with all of you. The material was from a very old “Tailing Pile” I came across last year while out scouting a new area to prospect/metal detect in the Southern California Mountains. According to a couple of my close prospecting sources. The tailing pile I took the material from is approximately 10-years old if not years older. Please Note: This post is in no way an indorsement of God Hog Company or its products by me; and I have absolutely no personal or financial attachment to this company whats so ever; It's just all about sharing new things that I come across that pertain to gold prospecting with all my Nugget Shooting family & friends. Who once in a while like to deviate off the beaten path and try something a little different once in a while.



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Matt, I quoted 10 years on the possible age of the tailing pile due to the fact that I have been prospecting in this area for over 10-years and have walked by the tailings through-out all of these years. But, according to some of the older prospectors that have been prospecting in and around the same area that the tailing pile is located. Have informed me that they believe that the tailing pile is much older, as much as 20 years or more. So you are right, it is probably a lot older that I am giving it credit for. Especially for the amount of gold that I have pulled out of it thus far. Thus far, meaning that there are still a lot of tailings left to recover and run from just this one tailing pile. Now all I have to do is hope and prey that nobody else comes along and decides to start taking material from this particular pile. I have made it a point to try and cover my comings and goings from this pile as much as I possible can as so not to draw attention to it.

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